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The Best Way to Make Your Ride More Comfortable

While you're getting used to your newfound freedom on two wheels, you may experience some discomfort as you're getting used to a new activity, particularly if you're not used to sitting on a saddle (bike seat) for long periods of time. Additionally, you can improve physical comfort right away by getting padded clothing for your hands and butt, and by fitting your bike properly.

Get Padded Shorts and Gloves

Your butt and hands are the main points of contact between your body and bike. By adding padding to these areas, you can make your ride more comfortable and provide more support.

Choose padded bike shorts with chamois to place a plush, chafe-reducing layer between your bottom and the bike seat. Pedal shorts with padding can reduce friction, wick moisture, and cushion bumps. If you are still experiencing friction, consider applying chamois cream directly to your skin to reduce chafing. 

 As you log more miles in the saddle, you'll realize just how much your hands support your upper body. Cycling gloves with cushioned inserts will make your palms more comfortable. Changing the grip tape or bike grips can also create a pillowing effect.

Adjust Your Bike to Fit You Better

Another way to ensure a comfortable ride is to have key components of the bike adjusted or replaced to fit your body. You can improve the comfort of your bike by making small adjustments to the handlebar and saddle positions. Find out more here.

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