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Must Have Ebike Tools: For the Road

In case you're planning a long journey, perhaps a whole day trip, you'll need the following items so that, no matter what happens, you'll always be prepared.

Spare Inner Tube - In some cases, a tube is simply irreparable, and when this happens, it really stinks. Rarely, valves can be ripped out, and big holes that can't be repaired can also occur. With a spare inner tube, you'll always be able to fix the situation and get home.

Headlamp - If something happens later in the evening or close to dusk then having a headlamp on hand to help you see what you’re repairing will get you back on the road quicker and, hopefully, home before darkness settles. It also allows others to see that there’s someone on the side of the road or trail.

Zip Ties - Zip ties weigh next to nothing, take up almost no space, and have an almost infinite number of uses. From holding gear down to curtailing flamboyant wires and cables, having zip ties on hand is always a good idea. Keep an array of lengths in your kit for good measure.

Pen and Paper - You’ll never know when you need to jot down some information, be it a license plate, or someone’s details. It is a good idea that on one side of the paper you have your address and any emergency contacts written down too.

Cash and Change - If your phone dies, and its batteries never do last too long, and there’s not enough juice left in your ebike to charge your phone then having some spare change can be your savior. This is why you may want any emergency contact numbers written down,

Duct Tape - Duct tape has a million and one uses and should never be understated. There’s no need to carry a whole roll, but you can stick a length or two to the inside of your bag and then peel off sections and use them as needed.

Basic 1st Aid Kit - With all these tools for repairing your electric bike in your bag be sure that you’re also carrying the stuff to repair the human element of the ebike.

Poncho - In case of an unexpected, heavy downpour a lightweight poncho can be the difference between a lot of fun and well… none. If one isn’t available then a large garbage bag can serve the same function.

Battery Charger - Carry your battery charger with you just in case you ever get close to running out of juice whilst you’re out and about. You could also carry an extra battery with you, and this might be good if you’re heading far out into the woods, but usually, just the charger will suffice.

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