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How E-bikes Can Help Change the Global Climate

Global warming has become one of the severe problems worldwide. The main reason behind this is the pollution created by transportation. Our mother earth is suffering because of the pollution created by human beings. Therefore, all of us have the moral responsibility to opt for sustainable alternatives to reduce the pollution and damage to mother nature.

Well, you can choose e-bikes and contribute to counter pollution. E-bikes have proven as an effective and eco-friendly alternative for transportation. These are affordable as well!

When you purchase fuel for a car, then you pay for a lot of expenses. Once you have purchased the car, then you have to pay for insurance, daily fuel expense and routine maintenance as well.

If we compare, then e-bikes are cheaper and you do not have to bear the stress of having concurrent running costs. Also, if you have used your bike for about 18 months, then the bike would have paid for itself when you compare it to the money spent on insurance & gas. Along with the financial benefits, e-bikes are portable, easy to carry and do not consume much space either.

The best thing about having an e-bike is that you will contribute to reducing fossil fuel consumption. By owning an e-bike, you will minimise and reduce the carbon footprint on the planet.

Now, one of the biggest things that stops people from buying an e-bike is range anxiety!

Do most people think that what if the range is not enough? This is the range anxiety. For example, Hovsco E-bikes can offer you a range of up to 80 miles, which is more than sufficient for a lot of people for their daily commutes and adventures. Now, there are some cheap e-bike that offer you a low range, but we at Hovsco have made sure that our e-bikes can provide the maximum range for you!

You have to charge your e-bikes regularly, but keep in mind that there are high-end e-bikes available that can provide a range of up to 80 miles. It all depends on your budget and you will save a lot of money when compared to owning a gas-run vehicle.

Also, you do not have to wait for long hours for your e-bike to get fully charged. Batteries have come a long way, and they offer a fast charging speed. Also, there are features such as the pedal assist, which help you to get going with half the effort. You will get good exercise, where the motor assists you to keep cruising.

Reduce the CO2 emissions and traffic congestion

Big cities have the problem of traffic congestion and this gets worse with the increase in fuel-run vehicles on the roads.

The increase in traffic also increases the consumption of fuel because cars consume more fuel while running in the city. This increases the emission of carbon monoxide which increases air pollution.

Here E-bikes come with their advantage, where you can cruise through the traffic without any effort. E-bikes do not take up much space on the road, and you can cut through traffic. Also, in many cities, there are separate lanes created for e-bikes. When you do this, then you contribute to reducing air pollution and improving the environment.

E-bikes are getting popular due to this, and they are a sustainable option for the environment. They also help you to adapt to a healthy lifestyle!

Due to this, governments across the world are focusing on increasing the usage and popularity of e-bikes. Although there are minimal compliance and regulations for e-bikes around the world. There is no time-consuming process of getting a licence plate or hefty insurance fee, and this makes e-bikes an ideal choice of transportation.

As e-bikes are getting popular, the city governments are working towards developing the infrastructure for public charging to encourage the widespread adoption of e-bikes.

Health benefits

These days people have a very dull lifestyle without much activity, here e-bikes help you to adopt and get along with a healthy lifestyle. Ebikes have introduced a fun way to travel through the city, and build stamina, and muscles with a good cardio session.

When you pedal along on an e-bike then you will have improved cardiac health, low stress, a boost in metabolism, develop core strength, and improved coordination and blood flow.

If you get tired, then you can use the pedal-assist feature that gives you the assistance required by the electric motor. If you are tired or want to relax, then you can use the pure EV mode to keep zipping through the streets.

E-bikes are suitable for all age groups, even the older ones. If you are looking for a way to have an active lifestyle, then you should buy a bike for yourself, using this for daily commutes gives you the right workout that you need! You can also set control over the speed to stay under the speed limit. You can also use the same when you give your bike to the elderly or children!

Get your e-bike today!

At Hovsco, we have always paid attention to providing the best e-bike in the price segment. We understand when you invest your time and money in buying an e-bike. Keeping this in mind, we have put together our range of e-bikes:

We have a dedicated accessory store for your ebike. We provide up to 2 years of warranty on e-bikes and their parts.

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