Are there any precautions for e-bikes storage? HOVSCO

Are there any precautions for e-bikes storage?

When you buy a bicycle, you will need bike storage. It has to be stored somewhere. Keeping your bike outside, leaned up against the wall or locked to a fence isn't a good idea; this will expose it to weather that could damage its components and shorten its lifespan, not to mention making it a tempting item for thievery.
The best place for storage is inside your home, apartment, garage, or gear shed. There are a number of variations on this theme, from stylish wall mounts that let you show off your bike as art to a simple kickstand.

In addition to finding a place for your bike to rest, you can also explore storage options like bike covers that will protect your bike during long-term storage and transportation.

Consider investing in a hard- or soft-shell travel case if you plan to travel with your bike by plane, train, or boat.

Here are some things to keep in mind for bike storage:

Storage Space

Your ideal storage solution will depend on the available space: garage, house, apartment or shed. Racks that allow you to store your bike vertically, wheels perpendicular to the wall, ideally positioned in a corner, take up the smallest amount of space.

Other wall mounts allow you to store your bike parallel to the wall, so that the wheels run parallel to the wall. Depending on how high your mount is-and how high your ceiling is-it might not even interfere with other elements of your living space. These solutions are perfect for apartment dwellers.

Racks that lean against walls or are freestanding are a great option for more than one bike, as most models allow you to stack up to two bikes on the mount.

Cyclists with garages, large houses, or gear sheds can benefit from more elaborate options by using hooks or pulley racks.

Take into account the clearance space needed to navigate around the bike (e.g. handlebars) or to open doors. When not in use, some mount brackets fold flat against the wall, saving space in close quarters.

Bike Weight

The weight of your bike and the quality of your wall matter when mounting a bike rack to the wall in your apartment or house-you don't want the bike to come crashing down.

If you intend to fix equipment to the wall or ceiling of your apartment, you may need permission from your landlord.


Is your bike going to be stored somewhere that other people can access? There are some wall mounts that come with a lock for extra safety in a setting that could be at greater risk of theft.

Wall and Floor Protection

When storing your bike in your living room, look for models that protect your wall and floors from bike dirt and grease, especially in wet weather. The racks come with small plastic housings to accommodate both wheels so that the tires will not touch the floor or walls, as well as wide plates underneath the wheel contact points. Racks that extend out from the wall will also help you avoid getting dirt, grease, or mud on the floor or wall.

Wheel Size

Make sure the intended rack will accommodate your bike; if you want to store a mountain bike in a floor stand, ensure the wheel wells can accommodate your tire width. This is also true if you have 29er wheels. Wheel size applies to all racks with wheels as the central anchor, which includes both wall and floor models.

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