Adjusting the Front Fork / Suspension HOVSCO

Adjusting the Front Fork / Suspension

Suspension Fork Lock-out

All hovsco ebikes feature a suspension fork lock-out. This allows you to lock the suspension component of the front fork and make it ridged. This will help stabilize a heavily loaded bike or reduce front end bob when climbing a hill.

  • The blue lock-out lever is located on top of the rider’s right side of the fork.
  • This lever can be flipped anytime and does not require stopping.

Pre-Load adjustment

The pre-load adjustment is on the rider’s left side. This adjustment will soften of stiffen the suspension fork.

  • Make sure the fork is unlocked
  • Turn the preload clockwise towards the + symbol to increase preload and suspension stiffness.
  • Turn the preload counter-clockwise towards the – symbol to decrease the preload and soften the suspension.

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