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What is the Purpose of an Electric Bike Fender?

Why do bicycle fenders exist? Bicycle fenders serve a very straightforward purpose, which is to catch water that sprays off a tire. A bicycle fender is also known as a mudguard. It's similar to a car fender. If there's water on the ground, your tires will spray water off of them, often up onto the back of the rider. People riding in very wet areas, like Seattle or the UK, where it rains a lot, will see a lot of water on the ground. It won't be an issue if you are never going to ride when there are puddles, but if you plan on riding a lot and think it's gonna be hard for you to avoid water on the ground, I would suggest using a fender.

Fenders have evolved now. For years, the fenders were used to protect against water spray, but in the cruiser market, in particular, cruiser comfort, some hybrids, like our A5B Plus, Ride in the Parks, the fenders have become part of the design. On mountain bikes, they're not quite as pretty, they're more there for protection from the splashing water at the back. The look isn't as pretty or elegant as on the bikes we sell here at sixthreezero. In many cases, they're color matched to the frames.

My thought is that if your conditions are dry, you don't need them, but if you like them, then go ahead. You can add fenders to a lot of our models in our customizer to see what it looks like. Change the fender color or do something else if you want. Play around with it.

I personally prefer cruisers with fenders, it gives them a vintage look. Additionally, it adds another color to contrast the white walls on the models with white walls. For the all-black bikes, it makes the bike even sleeker, just more black overall. Sometimes people mismatch their fenders. Chrome fenders look great on a black bike. If you're really crazy, and you think you have a good design idea, you could mix a mint green with a white, sometimes that looks good. I like white fenders on a women's bike or purple with a baby blue or mint color. I'm not a designer, so please don't take my color choices as gospel, but that's about it. Offers have become quite popular in the recreational market. Most people now just like them for their aesthetic appeal, but they do serve a purpose, as we explained earlier.

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