Which Step-Through E-Bike Is Best For You? HOVSCO
If you are looking for an e-bike that you can ride comfortably every day, then the step-through e-bikes are the best for this purpose. The frame designs of these bikes have been famous over the years and are becoming more...
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Why do we need to choose ebike as our electric vehicles? HOVSCO
Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable with improvements in battery technology and economies of scale as production increases for electric vehicle manufacturers. With many electric power vehicles being manufactured every year, it's no news that people are placed with a...
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Whom is a Step-Through Ebike for? HOVSCO
In fact, the step-through frame was originally designed, at the tail end of the 19th century, for riders with low-hanging skirts and dresses.Riders were designed to enter their bikes easily (less area to sweep their leg over, Johnny), quickly (stepping...
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