How an Ebike can Keep You Riding All Year HOVSCO

How an Ebike can Keep You Riding All Year

These tips will help you make your all-year rides even better:

 Guard your tires

Colorful foliage looks great on trees, but less so when it gets caught in your spokes.

Leaves and mud puddles can ruin your ride by causing your bike to get dirty, especially if any of that gunk gets into your wheels. Additionally, they cause hazards by covering up potholes, drains, rocks, or any other protruding object on the ground. It is likely that the ones beneath on the ground are wet, even if they appear dry on the surface.

Before the rainy season begins, install front and rear fenders on your bike (and your shoes, pants, etc.). You should also monitor your tire pressure. If you store your bike on cold concrete, your PSI will drop as the temperature drops outside.

 Keep it light

Even though hazy mornings and early dusk can be whimsical, decreased visibility also means that proper lighting is vital. It's not just about being able to see on your ride, it's about being seen on your ride. This is especially important for drivers.

Make sure your headlight and taillight are clean, functional, visible, and secure before each ride.

Wear bright, reflective clothing and make sure your bike has reflectors (or reflective stickers!) on both sides.

Maintain your chain

One of the main parts of your bike that is affected by the season is the chain. It tends to dry out much faster in the fall than it does in the summer, so make sure you keep it well lubricated.

Fortunately, our ebikes do not require any special type of lube. Although you can get away with using a standard lubricant, if you're in a wet environment, don't be afraid to use the heavier stuff.

There are a lot of tools out there to help you maintain your chain, but if you're new to biking and want to make sure you're doing it right, this is one of the main lessons we covered at a recent workshop.

After you apply the chain, you can run it through a rag or an old T-shirt to soak up any excess. You'll be able to hear it when you pedal if you leave it on too much. You'll also hear it when you pedal too little. The less noise you make, the better.

Customize for the perfect ride

You can even use the sleek, uncomplicated for all your important autumn errands with our full lineup of accessories, including a front basket, fenders, a rear rack, panniers, and a kickstand.

Plus, when the weather starts to warm up again, you'll have everything you need to get your spring off to a great start.

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