Goodies about HovBeta 20

Goodies about HovBeta 20" Step-Thru Ebike to share

The excitement continues to build for Hovsco products which our HovBeta 20” Step-Thru Ebike is featured on top tier medias like Bloomberg, AP News, Yahoo!life, StreetInsider, MarketWatch, Benzinga and etc. The team at Hovsco has been hard at work on the launch of pre-sale event. As the world’s premier long-range e-bike expert, we are so excited to share this moment with our Hovsco community.


E-bikes are becoming more and more popular. As a convenient and safe solution, the E-bike is a means of basic transportation for many people. The HOVSCO HovBeta 20" Step-Through Folding Electric Bike is undoubtedly the leader among many models.


Things to know about this new star: HOVSCO HovBeta 20" Step-Thru Foldable E-bike

Compared to other E-bikes, the HOVSCO HovBeta 20" Step-Thru Foldable E-bike has a more potent engine. The 750W geared hub SUTTO motor may make traversing any terrain simpler and your journey more fascinating. 

You might take into account the battery issue if you're an e-bike devotee. It is uncomfortable and frustrating to have power loss when riding a lovely e-bike. But you can count on this rising star to deliver. HovBeta has a 5000mAh single cell capacity and the newest Samsung/LG battery technology, so it will offer a ton of power in a little package. Additionally, its 720Wh battery increases the range, steadiness, and security of these folded bikes.

Additionally, HOVSCO allows the transportation of foldable bicycles on commuter trains or in the trunk of a car. This folding bike may satisfy the demands of e-bike enthusiasts who enjoy traveling or exploring new places. Additionally, these foldable electric bikes reduce air pollution. Additionally, it will make the air healthier and better suited to protecting the environment.

You won't have to worry about its weigh because this well-known E-bike Star is so light that riders can easily move them on buses and subways. The HovBeta 20" Step-Thru Folding E-bike is what riders must use if they decide to ride.



Our E-bikes Have Arrived in US Warehouse

Another encouraging development with HOVSCO is that our E-bikes are finally in stock in our US warehouse, which means that purchasers of all models will get their packages right away. If you enjoy folding electric bike, investing in a strong and well-known model is sensible.

Last, but certainly not least to remember!

It is worthwhile to have a look at the HovBeta 20" Step-Thru Foldable E-bikes because they are efficient and accepted by bike fans.

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