Electric Bikes: 9 Important Benefits

1. Save money - We all love being able to save money regardless of where that money is coming from. By purchasing an e-bike, you won’t have to worry about doing an oil change, or high maintenance costs like you would have with a car. It's not anything new that gas prices are always rising so you would be able to save yourself from spending money on gas every week for your commute. It is understandable that one can be hesitant whether or not to spend alot on an e-bike rather than a regular bike however, by replacing driving a car to riding an e-bike it could save you tons of money over the years! Insurance isn't cheap and neither are car repairs which is why you would be saving money by owning an e-bike.

2. They’re fun - There is truly no other way to describe an e-bike besides FUN! I’m not saying this just to say it! Do yourself a favor and watch the faces of people test riding our ebike and you can see it in their reactions how much fun they’re having.The video speaks for itself, as soon as you take the first pedal stroke you feel the power of the Pace 500 motor. This is a key factor as to why people ride them to begin with! You’ll have a smile on your face the entire time, and you’ll feel like a kid with a new toy all over again!

3. Help you stay fit - Cycling in general is a great way to stay fit, but with an e-bike its a great way to stay fit all while having fun! Although many like to believe you don't get a full workout riding an e-bike because you have a motor helping you out, what they don't know is that you still pedal in order to even get that motor started. Not only that but since an e-bike is much heavier than a regular bike you are putting a good amount of work to get this bike moving. This means you'll remain healthier and more fit. Riding is good for your heart, lungs and mental well being so there is truly only positives that come from owning an e-bike. Research has shown that you are less stressed when you are exercising regularly, which brings me to another point:research shows those that own an e-bike tend to ride more than those who just have a regular bike. Lastly, e-bikes are great for those who have had injuries before, feel like their age prevents them from being active outdoors, or even just simply those who feel like their fitness isn't that great an e-bike could help you get started and keep you fit!

4. Explore more / go on longer rides - Having a battery that can last 30 miles or more you the ability to be able to go on longer rides therefore you’ll have a lot of time to explore many places in one day. They say bikes bring you places cars can never see and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. E-bikes are very popular in many tourist areas due to this fact that it helps you explore more! Not only that but e-bikes are made with a geometry that makes it that much more comfortable to be riding in therefore you will be able to ride longer!

5. Help you tackle steep hills - One of the perks of an ebike is that it could help you tackle those steep hills you never thought you would be able to climb. If you are ever faced with a hill that is just too tough for your fitness or technique, just turn up the pedal assist in order to give you that boost you need. E-bikes are becoming huge in the mountain bike segment due to providing more accessibility to take on the hard hills!

6. Make pedaling easier - No doubt that pedaling is way easier on an e-bike than a regular bike. It gives you that extra push you didn’t even know you needed until you own an e-bike!

7. Good for the environment - Taking care of our environment in the day and era we live in now is something that is taken very seriously by many. When you own an e-bike, you’ll be able to proudly say you are contributing to saving the environment and making it a little greener if you use your an e-bike as a substitute for a car.

8. Sweat less - Now if you’re considering an e-bike to use for your everyday life including riding to work and riding to get groceries you don't want to arrive sweaty which you never will with an e-bike. With the pedal assist that it has you will never have to worry about pushing hard and breaking a sweat. Of course if you’re riding and you do want to break a sweat then just turn down the pedal assist and you'll be able to get all the exercise you might want.

9. Go faster - What many fail to understand is actually how fast you could go on an e-bike and how much you could benefit riding an e-bike in a metropolitan area. If you take an e-bike, a regular bike, and a car and race to see who can get to a destination faster the e-bike will win! Watch this video to see what I mean! This brings me to another point which is that with an e-bike you’ll be doing yourself a favor by having to avoid parking problems!

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