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Ebikes: 5 Reasons to Ride One

There's no better time to try an electric bike than now if you've ever thought about it. Ebikes are a rapidly growing segment of alternative transportation, and an accessible option that makes getting around as easy as cycling!

Ebike riders tell us on a daily basis how having an ebike has changed their lives. There are many reasons why people do what they do, but here are a few that resonate with us.

1. They bring joy! 

Electric bikes make people smile for some reason.

No matter how nervous or skeptical someone may be when they first climb onto one of our bikes, when they roll back into our driveway, they're almost always grinning from ear to ear.

It's the same joy and freedom of riding a bike as you had when you were a kid, whenever and wherever you want.

2. Your body will thank you for it

Ebikes may not give you the backbreaking, sweaty workouts you can expect from conventional bikes, but when you're slogging home from work, that's kind of the point.

We've found that if we don't make every ride hard, we're more motivated to stick with long-term fitness goals.

With ebikes, you can exercise as much or as little as you like. Some of our riders are confident to go on longer excursions (and boy do we mean long), knowing they can rely on pedal-assist to get them back at any time.

3. They're easily accessible

Physical limitations and injuries are a part of life, but they should not keep anyone from getting outside and living the active lifestyle they want. People have turned to ebikes after not riding a bike for literally decades in order to regain mobility and get outdoors again after life has thrown them a curveball.

Ebikes offer pedal assistance and a throttle that can easily propel even the most reluctant riders to 20 mph.

4. You can save money (to the Earth and your piggy bank)

Spending more time on an ebike means less time in your car.

You'll save money. The average American spends $5.39 a day on gas. It is obvious that this kind of money adds up -- roughly $2,000 a year.

In addition to saving time, ridesharing is also good for the environment. This is especially true when the alternative is sitting in traffic or trying to find parking.

5. They enable you to live your best life

Imagine passing lines of cars waiting for their turn. You can ride your bike uphill to work without breaking a sweat. The ability to keep up with your wife on a sunset cruise.

The benefits of ebikes are many, but they all have one thing in common: they help their riders live. Really live.


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