Do You Know Frame Packs? HOVSCO

Do You Know Frame Packs?

The frame pack is designed to fit into the triangle formed by the top tube, seat tube, and down tube of your bike. To keep your bike's center of gravity low, a frame pack is ideal for storing heavy items.

Consider these factors when choosing a frame pack:

  • Fit: The frame pack you choose should fit your bike well. If you can't find one made specifically for your bike, you can find one that is universal. Pay attention to where the attachment straps are and how they align with the cables on your bike. While you're pedaling, a pack that fits well will be comfortable and secure.
  • Size/volume: There are frame packs that take up nearly the entire triangle, or you can get one that only partially fills it. In addition to holding more, larger packs often do not work well with rear suspension, and they will likely prevent you from mounting bottle cages inside the triangle. Choose the size that fits your bike and provides enough room for packing.
  • Organization pockets: Multi-pocket frame bags make stowing and finding items easier.

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