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5 Riding Tips for All-Weather Adventure

Is it time to store the bike? Not for you. Check out our favorite tips to keep you riding all year round.

Keep Your Electric Bike Battery Warm

If you're not riding your ebike, store your batteries in a warm, dry, and safe place. As a result, the battery will be protected from inclement weather, stay charged, and last longer.

Charge and store your battery indoors between 50 °F and 77 °F (10 °C and 25 °C). The failure to do so can void your warranty, render your battery non-functional, or cause a hazardous situation.

Choose the Right Bike Light

As daylight decreases, visibility must increase. Even so, in high traffic areas or along roadways that have boosted lighting - such as trails without lampposts - extra brightness may prove helpful.

Our premium headlight offers twice the lumens and is integrated with your bike's wiring, just like our traditional headlight. Before you head out the door, dress in light-colored clothing and add reflective stickers to your bike (we have them). There are also outdoor retailers that offer reflective or LED-integrated stickers, apparel, and removable LED lights that can be attached to your bike, helmet, accessories, or clothing.

Wear Cold-Weather Bike Apparel

Have you ever biked in cold temperatures without gloves? Don't do it. With water-resistant gloves, apparel, and shoes, frostbite can be avoided. Alternatively, you can purchase gloves that fit your needs or wear an attached hand-warmer. Make sure they offer plenty of dexterity for use of the throttle and brake.

Another great investment is a warm-weather helmet (ski or snowboard helmets). Soft, cushioned linings keep your head and ears warm. Don't want to purchase another helmet? Invest in a balaclava that covers your head and ears while also providing face protection (hint: these can also tuck under a ski or snowboard helmet for double the warmth).

Tackle Wet Terrain with Fat Tires

Did you know that our electric bikes can be used year-round? 

Follow the Rules for Rain regardless of your bike model:

  • Wear protective clothing
  • Navigate slippery or deep-puddle areas with caution (avoid submerging your ebike/battery at all times)
  • Park and store your ebike (especially the battery) in a dry area whenever possible
  • Wipe down your ebike once the ride is done

Have fun, and most importantly, stay safe!

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