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How Do Throttle and Pedal Assist Work?

Electric bikes are great because you can choose to work out if you want, or you can just relax and enjoy the ride. An electric bike gives you options that a regular bicycle does not. An electric bike allows you to ride further and longer, and with the pedal assist and throttle, you can even go faster than on a regular bike. What do these settings on your electric bike do, and which one is best for your needs? Answers may vary depending on what type of cyclist you are and what kind of ride you want.

What is Pedal Assist?

Pedal assist is an operating mode on an electric bike in which the motor kicks in while the rider is pedaling. The pedal assist has a variety of settings that will allow you to ride at your desired speed effortlessly. If you turn on pedal assist, you'll feel some extra 'oomph' propelling you forward, making it easier to ride long distances without getting tired or sore the next day.

What is a Throttle?

An electric bike's throttle mode is similar to that of a motorcycle or electric scooter, as when it is engaged, the motor provides power and propels the bike forward. It provides full power on-demand without automatic pedal assistance. The throttle allows you to sit back and enjoy a relaxing ride if you want to just cruise since the bike can operate without pedaling.

Which is Better?

The throttle and PAS serve the same purpose on an electric bike- propelling it forward with electric power. What differs is how the user interacts with the system. So, which is better, throttle or pedal assist?

In order to answer this question, you must ask yourself what your intentions are when you ride. Using the throttle will allow you to sit back and enjoy the scenery. However, if you're interested in getting a little workout in and actively pedaling, pedal assist mode is for you. Some electric bikes only have one or the other, depending on the brand, but fortunately for you, most of our electric bikes have both a PAS and throttle control. It allows you to ride with both throttle and pedal assist, giving you the best of both worlds and options on how to ride.

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