Do You Know the Difference Between Hub-drive and Mid-drive Electric Bikes? HOVSCO

Do You Know the Difference Between Hub-drive and Mid-drive Electric Bikes?

Now, there are more and more electric bicycles on the market, and various styles are emerging one after another, which also shows that electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular.

However, many people are still confused about how to choose the right electric bicycle. Today, we will take a look at how to choose an electric bicycle from the perspective of the motor.

According to the motor, in general, the motor of an electric bicycle is divided into a middle motor and a hub motor.

Hub-drive e-bike motors have a lot of oomph and dynamism. While not an indicator of actual performance, it feels real. The ride resembles driving a rear-wheel-drive car, or as some riders say, riding an electric scooter like a Bird or Lime. The ride can be fun, even thrilling. A hub drive motor provides this benefit.
A hub-drive e-bike can be a fun and affordable option.

Although, placing a relatively heavy motor in the middle of the wheel can make hub-drive e-bikes more difficult to balance than traditional or mid-drive e-bikes.

Mid-drive e-bikes feel like normal bicycles. Because the power provided by the motor is routed through the drivetrain, riders may not notice it as much as they would on a hub-drive e-bike. Instead, mid-drive bikes simply go fast and climb hills with ease. Moreover, the mid-drive motor tends to "accelerate" more smoothly, which gives it a natural feel and protects the bike's drivetrain.

Since mid-drive motors put all the extra weight in the center, they feel more balanced than hub-drive e-bikes.All of our Hovsco e-bikes use hub motors.

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