What Is the Best Folding Ebike for Steep Hills?

What Is the Best Folding Ebike for Steep Hills?

HovBeta is a compact folding ebike with wonderful features and great specifications. If you see one, the first thing you’ll notice is its shiny frame - with two colors available, red and purple, it’s meant to catch eyes and turn heads on the street. Besides, there are many features in HovBeta that you may not find in other foldable ebikes in the market. For example, the powerful 750W motor, torque sensing technology, and high-capacity battery.

In this article, we will dive into a review of HovBeta foldable ebike from the perspective of someone who just received their ebike.

Unboxing and assembly

HovBeta is shipped carefully packed inside a box, with lots of foam and cardboard protecting it. The package includes all the components of the ebike, a charger, a toolkit, and an instruction manual.

Hovsco HovBeta ebike is carefully packed and protected with foam and cardboard

Although the ebike does not come fully assembled, the process is very straightforward. There are illustrated instructions in the manual that are easy to understand, and the assembly takes only under 10 minutes. You don’t need to prepare any special tools as Hovsco provides a beautiful all-in-one tool kit.

Hovsco prepared an all-in-one tool kit for riders to assemble the ebike

You’ll notice that there is a front light and taillight on the ebike. The front light is integrated into the handlebars, and the taillight is mounted on the seat post. You can adjust the taillight’s position, and also the seat height to accommodate your own height.

Hovsco HovBeta ebike has a removable taillight that can be adjusted for position

Folding mechanism

There are three parts on HovBeta ebike that folds. First, the pedals can be pushed in and flipped up, so they won’t be sticking out after the whole ebike is folded. Then, you can fold the frame in the middle, reducing half the length of the ebike. Last but not least, you can fold the handlebar stem, reducing half the height of the ebike. When the whole folding is completed, the ebike is in a 33.46x30.7x17.32 inch size. It can perfectly fit into a 50-gallon tote. A detail worth noticing is that there is a stand at the bottom of the ebike. So other than the wheels, the only ebike part touching the ground is this stand. The bike frame is protected from scratching.

HovBeta weighs 66.4 pounds in total. Although it’s not very light, it isn’t impossible to lift it either. The battery is removable and weighs 9 pounds. If you have trouble moving it into your vehicle, you can remove the battery first, put the ebike into a tote, and use a slope such as a dog ramp to move it into the vehicle. Steve, a 70-year-old cycling enthusiast, has no trouble lifting HovBeta ebike and putting it in his van.

Steve, a 70-year-old rider, had no trouble lifting up Hovsco HovBeta ebike

Motor performance

HovBeta is equipped with a whopping 750-watt motor, which has a peak power of 1032-watt. It is the strongest motor you can see on a legitimate ebike in the US. As a result, HovBeta has a strong climbing power. Look at a test from our rider on a 20-degree hill! Even on full throttle mode without pedaling, he can go up the hill easily. If you live in a hilly area, you don’t need to worry about sweating a lot on those hills!

HovBeta can be either a Class 2 or Class 3 ebike, meaning the top speed can reach 20 or 28 miles per hour. You can set different classes through Hovsco app according to your local ebike laws and regulations.

Battery and range

HovBeta’s battery has an outstanding capacity of 720Wh, which is in the higher tier in the market. The ideal maximum range is 60 miles with pedal assist and 40 miles in throttle-only mode. But many factors influence the final range you can get(learn more about ebike range here). It is a very promising range that can be accommodated for most of your adventure needs.

Torque sensing technology

Torque sensor is one of the things where Hovsco takes pride in our ebikes. It uses a superior technology to the one that the majority of ebike companies use these days. With this technology, the bottom bracket can accurately measure the pedaling force (and cadence) from the rider to provide the right amount of assistance. In easier words, when you pedal harder, the motor gives more power.

Hovsco ebikes are equipped with the advanced torque sensor, which is reponsive to rider pedaling and offers a natural riding experience

Torque sensor offer an extraordinary responsiveness to your pedaling pace, and you will have a natural and intuitive riding experience just like riding an acoustic bike. Most ebike riders say that they will never go back to their old ebikes after they try a torque sensor ebike!

Other bike components

Fat tires

HovBeta is equipped with 4-inch fat tires. The wide tire surface provides a strong grip between the tires and the ground. It leads to a smooth riding experience even on bumpy terrains. Also, fat tires are capable of special terrains such as sand, snow, and grass.

Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic brakes are on the higher end just like torque sensor. They offer stronger stopping power than the normal mechanic brakes, which give you a swift standstill even with riding at a high speed.

Hovsco ebikes have hydraulic disc brakes with excellent stopping power, such as HovBeta foldable ebike

Gear shifter

HovBeta uses standard Shimano 7-speed gearing, which provides crisp and precise gear shifts through the trigger shifter.

LCD display

The LCD display is a novel feature of HovBeta ebike. It is bright and clear even in direct sunlight, and shows current speed, battery level and assist mode. Plus, it records and shows either your single trip range or the total range.

Hovsco ebike display is high-bright so you can read it even in strong direct sunlight


Hovsco HovBeta is the best folding ebike for steep hills thanks to its strong power, superior technology, and excellent bike components.


Who is HovBeta ebike for?

HovBeta is right for people who:

- Have limited storage space, such as living in a small apartment;

- Constantly need to take ebike out, such as roadtrippers or RVers;

- Look for very strong power in an ebike or ride on hilly terrains;

- Look for a comfortable riding experience that exceeds expectations.

Is HovBeta waterproof?

Yes, HovBeta has a waterproof level of IPX4, which means it is safely protected from splashes of water. You don’t need to worry about light rain.

Is HovBeta easy to carry?

HovBeta weighs 66.4 pounds in total. Although it’s not very light, it isn’t impossible to lift it either. We wouldn’t recommend carrying it up many stairs regularly.

The battery is removable and weighs 9 pounds. If you have trouble moving it into your vehicle, you can remove the battery first, put the ebike into a tote, and use a slope such as a dog ramp to move it into the vehicle.

How reliable is HovBeta?

Hovsco offers a 14-day return policy so you don’t need to worry about quality issues. Also, Hovsco has collaborated with over 100 bike stores across the US, who provide services such as local pickup, maintenance and repair.

How much is HovBeta?

At the time of publishing this article, HovBeta is on sale for $1599 only. Hovsco often runs promotions, so even if you find out that the current price is higher, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if we can make you a deal!

Where can I order HovBeta?

You can directly order one from Hovsco online store, and have it delivered to your house or get local pickup service. Add the product to checkout to see available pickup spots near you.

What is a good alternative to HovBeta?

If you are on a tight budget or looking for a lighter or smaller folding ebike, Sync Max is a great alternative. It costs only about a quarter of HovBeta.

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