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What Is a Beach Cruiser Electric Bike?

Have you ever wondered why some electric bikes have thicker tires?

Or you haven’t seen one?

Come on; you can't be serious!

Thank God I’m here for you. Because who would have saved you from such darkness?

Just kidding:)

Well, these bikes are called beach cruiser electric bikes. And I can assure you these ebikes are the epitome of relaxed, smooth-riding. When you are cycling one, you won’t escape the jealous looks from bystanders.

Do you think I’m lying?

You should try cycling one, and then you can prove me right!

But before you get there, would you mind checking what we have for you in this article?

Please, we are only asking for 3 minutes. If you can spare that, then we are good to go!

Down to the Basics

From the name itself, a beach cruiser ebike is a low-speed electric bike with a rounded frame designed for cushy leisure driving along the beach, boulevard, or in the park. This retro-looking bicycle is modeled after a cruiser motorcycle, specially designed to offer comfort.

You can distinguish a beach cruiser ebike from a hybrid commuter bike by its curvy swooping frame, which allows an upright riding position. Besides, its fat tires can handle both sand and snow.

Why You Should Consider a Beach Cruiser Ebike

  • It has a sleek aesthetic to impress

How will you feel everyone’s heads turning in your direction, and they are like, "whoa, look at that bike!”

Congenial. Right?

Yeah. And that’s what beach cruiser ebike brings to the table.

The exceptional design of these ebikes has unique features that guarantee functionality without compromising on beauty—the smooth curves on the frames, wide seat, upright handlebar—name all of them.

  • Ultimate comfort

Why do you like cycling?

Do you want to burn calories? Do you have some groceries to pick? Or do you want some little fun?

Any bicycle can do that. But a beach cruiser bike will make the activity more pleasurable.

Are you trying to disagree?

You better not!

The design of a beach cruiser ebike is tailored to make the rider’s experience a one to remember. Its wide upright handlebars make sitting straight easy-breezy so you can enjoy the beautiful beach scenery while cycling.

These ebikes also have a wide seat that can support your weight evenly, allowing you to cycle for long comfortably without straining your muscles. Besides, their balloon tires cushion the shock of uneven surfaces, ensuring that you enjoy a smooth driving experience.

  • Longer rides

Wouldn't you mind going for longer rides if you found your bike comfortable?

Regular road/mountain bikes often force you to channel more weight on your arms. And do you know the outcome of this practice?

Back pains!

However, beach cruiser ebikes eliminate that problem because of their big soft seats, wide handlebars, and electrical pedaling assistance. Since you’ll experience zero physical discomforts with these bikes, you can cycle longer distances with ease without having to worry about pain.

  • It keeps you engaged.

Imagine feeling sleepy in the middle of your ride.

Hold on, can you do that?

That’s absurd.

As much as that sounds ridiculous, it may be possible if you don’t have a good bike. But don’t worry; beach cruiser ebikes got your back.

Electric beach cruisers have multiple gears where you can find a perfect balance of how you want your ride to be challenging. You can always choose your most preferred riding setting so that you do not strain much and remain in perfect physical fitness throughout your ride.

  • It makes an excellent alternative to public means of transport

Do you have a few errands to run?

Then get yourself a beach cruiser ebike. Trust me; you won’t regret it.

You can use beach cruiser ebikes as your primary means of transport because they are fast. The bike-friendly infrastructure allows you to drive your ebike on bike lanes and paths, so you don't have to dillydally in traffic jams.

They are also low-maintenance since you don't have to invest in insurance, tax, gas, and even fines. Cycling is also eco-friendly because every mile that you cycle helps to reduce carbon footprints, hence, protecting the environment.

Most beach cruiser ebikes also have a front basket or rear rack for carrying light loads around.

These reasons make beach cruiser ebikes the perfect means of transport to tool around the neighborhood, run errands, and have relaxed leisure riding.

What to Scrutinize in a Beach Cruiser Ebike 

You have seen how adventurous and advantageous a beach cruiser ebike can be. Do you think you might get one?

I think you do!

Choosing a suitable ebike can be a lot of work, especially if you are new. But we have eased things for you. Please check out these features before placing an order:

  1. Swept-back handlebars

The number one factor that will define your experience with beach cruiser ebikes is your choice of handlebars.

There are three types of handlebars: swept-back, drop, and flat bars. Drop and flat bars put the rider in a leaning position. On the other hand, Swept-back handlebars curve inwards to allow the rider to assume an upright position.

Always choose a bike with swept-back handlebars to provide comfort and prevent stress to your wrist, shoulder, and back.

  1. Stylish, practical frames

Many cyclists spend most of their time researching batteries, motors, and drivetrains. That doesn't mean you should follow their lead. Shifting your focus to the frame will make your buying process worthwhile.

A frame is equally important to any other ebike's components. Its design will determine the bikes' stability, shock absorption, and weight support, among other performance aspects.

Beach cruiser ebikes come in different frame designs with various colors. Always choose a frame that will give your ebike the feel you want.

  • Shock-absorbing saddles

Remember we said beach cruiser ebikes are for fun?

Yes, we did.

But you can't have fun if you are scared of bumpy/uneven surfaces. It would be best to go for bikes with saddles fitted with dual suspension springs. The ability of these saddles to expand and compress allows the bicycle's wheels to move up and down relative to the frame, reducing the effect of bumps and potholes.

  1. Size

What's the point of having an excellent ebike of a size that doesn't fit you?

You got to be careful, buddy.

When looking for the ideal beach cruiser ebike's size, please consider the handlebar height, saddle height, pedal position, and frame size. A bike of the wrong size will take ages to adapt to it and cause fatigue and chronic back/wrist pain, making riding uncomfortable.

If you have trouble figuring out an ebike that will suit your height, this guide may do you good!

Are You a Beach Cruiser Enthusiast?

Beach cruiser ebikes are growing in popularity, and more modern and stylish designs are being created to suit everyone.

So, do you want to kick your beach cruising experience up a notch?

Get your beach cruiser electric bike today from hovsco ebikes and make your casual riding top-tier! 

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