What are Plus-sized tires for Ebikes? HOVSCO

What are Plus-sized tires for Ebikes?

A plus-sized tire is any tire with a width between 2.4 and 3.25 inches.

E-bikes are often equipped with fat tires because they offer extra stability and comfort. Because many e-bikes already weigh a fair amount, the additional weight of tires isn't as much of a concern. In addition, the motor offsets the tire weight, so you get the benefit of comfort and stability as well. Due to the abundance of e-bikes with fat tires, the trend has continued and it appears the average e-bike buyer wants wide tires.

We’ve chosen not to use fat tires on our A5B city hunter ebikes. In addition to the extra air volume and the fact that the motor offsets the weight, we chose plus-size tires for rideability.

When riding a fat tire bicycle, the steering is often unsteady and wants to flop to one side or the other, forcing the rider to fight with their arm muscles. This problem can be resolved by using a narrower tire without changing the geometry of the front end, which is why we decided on a 3-inch tire.

Plus-size tires are lighter and offer greater stability and control. The tire is significantly lighter but still offers plenty of comfort and stability. A lighter tire gives you more hill-climbing power (and faster acceleration) and extends range because the motor doesn't have to work as hard.

It is unlikely that anyone will ride their HOVSCO in deep snow or mud, so the width loss is not noticeable.

Although we understand that there are still consumers who prefer fat tires on their bicycles, we also know that most won't ride in snow, mud, or sand, where they are most useful. Even though they initially searched for fat tire e-bikes, many EVELO owners are delighted with the ride characteristics of the plus-size tires.

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