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Tips for a Successful Bike Tour with Children

Make the trip about what motivates your kids

 Rather than selling the trip to your children by talking about how far you're going to ride, have them focus on the things you're going to do along the way or when you arrive at your destination. Like most kids, adults aren't motivated by the number of miles they can bike in a day, but instead are interested in playgrounds, swimming holes, wildlife, and ice cream shops. Build the trip around whatever excites your child-the biking is just a means to reach the fun.

Involve your kids in the planning

Look at maps together to see all the fun places you can stop along the way and decide what gear you'll need. The more involved they are in the planning, the more invested they will be in the actual ride.

Try camping at home first

If you have a backyard big enough to fit a tent, build a campsite and then go for a short bike ride near your home. After you get home, you can hang out in your tent just like you would if you were away at a campground. Do not use the house for anything other than the bathroom. It's a good way to introduce your child to bike touring and test things out.

Carry your kid’s clothing and gear

You should pack nearly all your child's clothing and gear in your bags unless your child is strong enough to carry it on their bike. However, your child may take pride in having a few items of their own on their bike, such as a water bottle and a bag with a snack. 

Set small goals and offer rewards

 To motivate your child to keep pedaling, set small goals and offer fun rewards. When you reach the next telephone pole, tell them you'll take a snack break. When you reach the next stream, you can get off your bikes and splash in the water.

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  • Eve Mitchell

    It’s good to know that you should carry your kid’s clothing in your bag instead of having them carry it. I’m taking my 12-year-old on a bike tour with me this summer. We’re hoping that we can find a path that will be somewhat easy for him to follow.

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