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Summer Adventures: 5 Tips on How to Enjoy the Summer Weather with Electric Bike

Is there a better way to enjoy the summer weather than riding an electric bike?Electric bikes are a gem. If you’re anything like us, you won’t have the guts to convince us otherwise.
And do you know what’s better?
The many adventures of a bike trip that summer offers!
We know the excitement of enjoying summer with an electric bike has you on the edge of your seat. But have you thought of how you’ll manage the scorching sun?
You can't control the weather —nobody can. That’s a fact.
Electric bike is a good choice to help you release the pain of the sun.But before you choose an electric bike, it's important to test ride it first. This will give you a experience for how the bike handles and how comfortable you are on it.
It's also a good idea to try out different routes to see how the bike performs on different terrain. Once you've found the perfect bike, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer weather with it.
You can go for a leisurely ride around the park or take on a more challenging route through the woods. Electric bikes are a great way to explore nature and get some exercise at the same time.We can give you valuable ideas on how you can spend more time on two wheels without feeling the weight of the hot sun.
So, without wasting a second further, let’s get started!


1)UV Protection

Scientists have confirmed that most major human activities release harmful gases into the atmosphere, which are toxic enough to deplete the earth's protective layer, the ozone layer.When this protective layer in the upper atmosphere is destroyed and thins out, some harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun will find its way into the earth. These radiations increase the risk of skin cancer in humans and eye cancer in animals, among other problems.
To avoid/reduce the effects of UV rays, please:
Normalize Using Sunblock or Sunscreen
One immediate inflammatory reaction of your skin due to direct exposure to UV radiation is sunburn. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your electric bike tour in the sun without facing such consequences, please make sunscreens and sunblock part of your daily skincare routine.
Sunblock protects the skin by forming a protective shield, which prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating the skin. On the other hand, sunscreens are loaded with organic chemicals that absorb these rays before your skin can.
Sunscreens and sunblock are all good. You only have to choose one with a broad protection spectrum (i.e., an SPF 30 or higher is recommended). It should also protect your skin against both UVA and UVB rays.
Be sure to wear adequate sunscreen or sunblock to any body part directly exposed to the sun (i.e., the face, back, neck, shoulders, etc.), and then reapply at least every two hours.
Wear Cycling Sunglasses
Did you know that your eye retina requires only 60 seconds, sometimes even less, of direct UV radiation to get damaged?
Of course, you might not recognize the damage immediately. Most eye problems resulting from sun damage are usually cumulative. They become noticeable after many years of repeated and consistent sun damage.
If you are spending too much time on direct glare, please make sure you protect your eyes from the strong sunlight. You can wear cycling sunglasses or a hat with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 30+ rated fabrics.

2)Heat Protection

Hot days are fun to make your electric bike cycling enjoyable. However, there is a limit to everything. A sweltering day will ruin your trip!To avoid riding your electric bike when the heat is less extreme, please consider the following:

Depart early at Sunrise or Late in the Evening

According to this study, most riders performed more incredibly when cycling in the afternoon. However, morning and late afternoon weather are usually more comfortable because temperatures are much more bearable.
Therefore, if you want to enjoy a cool breeze with less heat, please schedule your rides between 7 am-10 am and 5 pm-7 pm. If you opt for the latter, be sure to equip your e-bike with enough bright lights so that you can see in the darkness.

Check the Weather

What I like about the internet is that you can know anything anytime in your comfort, provided you have an internet connection.
Always inspect the weather predictions to know when the heat will be at its peak during the day.

Use a Shady Route

Staying in the shadows is the best way to avoid heat and direct exposure to UV light.
However, it won't be fun to stop to cool down in the shade whenever the sun becomes more vigorous.
A shadowy route will be a better alternative!
So, if you have a choice when planning your trip, please opt for a more leafy path.

3)Wear Correct Cycling Clothes

During summer, you will be exposed to excessive heat, sweat, and stretching while cycling. So, for safety, comfort, and efficiency when riding, you need protective gear and unique clothes made with technical clothing.
Cotton clothes are usually the best because it absorbs sweat quickly and exposes it to the atmosphere for easy evaporation. Cotton is also breathable. Enabling air circulation will evacuate body dampness brought about by perspiration.
The only limitation of cotton is that it doesn’t dry quickly. The sweat may make you feel sticky and uncomfortable.
So, what’s the remedy?
The market today offers different varieties of air-permeable synthetic materials that prevent the accumulation of sweat. They are lighter, cheaper, more durable, and easier to stretch (more manageable to work with) than cotton.
So, get a nice, fitting summer cycling jersey made of polyester for longer rides. Wearing a cycling sweatband will also help to prevent sweat from streaming down your cheeks and glasses.
And don’t forget gloves too! They will soak up sweat in your hands, allowing you to maintain a firm grip on the handlebars throughout your ride.

4)Stay Hydrated and Replenish Energy

It is an excellent healthy practice to stay hydrated and replenish your body energy often throughout the day. However, for summer cycling, you will lose your body hydration and stamina in the form of sweat and the effort you put into pedalling.
If you intend to ride for more than one hour on a scorching summer day, you should carry water and some snacks (like bananas and energy bars).
For longer rides, i.e., more than four hours, you will lose a lot of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and more through sweat. So, please supplement energy bars with sports drinks containing electrolytes to fuel your body.

5)Prepare Adequately

Pick the Right Bike

An electric bike of correct fit is one that you can comfortably reach the handlebars and pedals. The saddle height should also be in perfect proportion to the handlebars. Otherwise, you will experience fatigue, wrist pain, and chronic back pains.
The bikes’ frame geometry, tire size, motor power, and battery capacity will also affect your riding experience.
Therefore, ensure your electric bike ticks all the above factors to enjoy summer rides.

Run Thorough Checkups

Are you sure your bike is safe to be ridden in the high summer heat?
There is only one way to find out —run profound checkups!
Inspect the brakes, chains, hydraulics (or brake cables), battery terminals, and chain cables for any malfunction. If there is, please repair it as soon as possible.
Tire pressure is also crucial because it tends to increase with an increase in temperature. To avoid flat or damaged tires, check your bike's pressure frequently during your ride.
Also, if you have left your bike in the sun for a while, do not sit on it immediately. You’ll get burned! Instead, run some water through its seat to cool it off.
Be Smart!
Do you think riding electric bikes makes you happy?
Then don't ruin the experience for yourself!
We have already given you five tips to up your e-biking experience during summer. However, don’t force yourself on the road ‘just’ because everyone else is doing it.
If it’s too hot to ride, don’t do it! And if you start feeling uncomfortable along the way, it won’t hurt to call it a day.

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