Securely Navigate Your Ride: The Top Bike Phone Mounts of 2023

With how expensive tablets have become over recent years, two types of people have wanted to have a phone mount attached to their bikes. Those who have a predictable, or routine ride such as a simple commute, or the adventurous who don’t mind the threat of their phone’s wellbeing.

However, some serious advancements have been made in the bike accessory or phone mount industry, making them more durable, reliable, and easier to use. Many manufacturers have done their best to make these mounts as universal as possible, adjusting them to accommodate most phone sizes.

While poking through the info about the top bike phone mounts of 2023, try to think about the different ways you’d benefit from using one, and whether or not you’re riding style would gel with the idea.  We’ll be taking a look at five of the best of them today, all of which are priced under $25.00.


The Top Bike Phone Mounts of 2023 Are...

YLYT A2 Bike Phone Holder

The YLYT A2 Bike Phone Holder is a favorite for a lot of riders, many of whom claim that this model is more reliable and sturdier than others that cost double the price of this mount. Users have purchased this item for their bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters.

This unit is universal in two important ways. The phone clamping apparatus is adjustable to accommodate a variety of phone sizes, and the clamping mechanism comes with a slew of rubber shims, making it adjust to the various sizes of handlebars out there, guaranteeing a good tight fit.

Each corner is firmly set into place around your phone’s corners and is capable of adjusting to multiple widths. Three silicone shockproof absorbers are nestled in the top and bottom of the mount, saving your phone from some unwanted vibrations.

Though this is a universal system in terms of bikes, motorcycles, and scooters, it seems to be best for bikes, as some people have noted that a dash of creativity needs to be implemented to set it up successfully on motorcycles and scooters.

iBytoc Bike Phone Mount

This mount is designed to give your phone ultimate protection, firm positioning, and 360-degree rotation. As far as mounting to the handlebars is concerned, it can fit just about any kind of handlebar, be it on a bike, motorcycle, stroller, scooter, and so on. The silicone inserts provide a strong hold around the bar.

To make things a little bit more user-friendly, the mount can be maneuvered on the fly one-handed. The lock button ensures that the phone is held in a steady desired position. In terms of holding a variety of phones, it will hold any phone measuring between 4.7-6.8 inches, but some iterations of heavy-duty protective cases may need to come off for the phones to fit properly thickness-wise.

Lamicall Bike Phone Holder

The Lamicall Bike Phone Holder is a sturdy, safe, and shockproof option- great for mountain biking or dealing with bumpy terrain. It comfortably holds phones that measure 4.7 to 6.8 inches and handles thicknesses up to 15mm (.590”).

Like the others in the list, the silicone pads make fitting this mount a quick and easy operation and can be fit on anything that has handlebars. The phone can be mounted or unmounted singlehandedly, adding a touch of convenience for you while you’re on the go.

The 360-degree rotation is handy to position your phone any way you’d like and remains seemingly unaffected by speed when all locked into place. The only real complaint that you’ll find with this unit, is that phones in some heavy cases don’t always fit correctly. However, this is a common issue with most bike phone mounts.

ILAOLIU Bike Phone Mount

The ILAOLIU Bike Phone Mount has a ball-mount design that allows your phone to be positioned in any manner you’re comfortable with, and due to this type of construction, can tilt as well as rotate and swing up or down. The holding mechanism can hold phones between 4.7” to 7” and locks the four corners firmly into place with one-hand compatibility.

The clamp that attaches to the handlebars can fit bars that measure between 0.7” to 1.34,” and is fitted snugly around the handlebar with a thumbscrew, then locked into position (no tools required). The four silicone clamps positioned around the edges of the phone hold it tight, preventing any shaking or sliding around when riding over bumpy roads.

JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount

Like others in this category, the JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount can fit onto anything with handlebars, from .7" up to 2.00.” Unlike the others who use silicone inserts to bring the clamp to size, this has a thumbscrew triggering mechanism that brings the clamp to a tight close.

If you've been frustrated by other phone mounts that have difficulty securely holding phones inside thick safety cases, this is the mount for you. This mount is designed to hold tight to cases as well as phones without cases. All four edges are clamped firmly into the mount, withstanding bumpy terrain, and will remain unmoved at high speeds.

The phone can tilt up and down within 270 degrees, and rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to have your phone positioned however you’d like.

Why Mount Your Phone to Your Bike?

Why mount a phone to a bike; wouldn’t it be asking for trouble? Well, if you’re taking your bike off-road, seeing what kind of daredevil activity you can get yourself into, it’s probably a bad idea to have your phone mounted to your bike. That’s simply common sense.

But, if you’re going from point “A” to point “B” or just taking a ride to get some exercise, wiping out and banging up your phone is far less likely to happen. In this case, you’re more likely to run the risk of damaging your phone by using a cheaply made phone mount rather than your style running any risk~ the options above cancel that out as they are good products made to last.

In all, there are four legitimate reasons why someone would want their phone mounted to their bike.

Ride and Health Tracking

There are phone apps out there that will track all kinds of data as you traverse through environments with your bike. To view data being presented in real-time, it’s fun to have your phone mounted and in view while you ride. When you’re talking about exercise purposes, some people are urged onward, putting in the extra effort when they can challenge themselves against data coming in through an app such as distance-ridden, health stats, calories burned, etc.

Gotta Have the Music

Not everyone is riding their bike to take their surroundings in through their senses. Tons of people love to ride their bikes while listening to music. With your phone up-front and center, it’s easier to cycle through different songs and select what you’d rather listen to, and also to navigate through different settings such as volume, pause, play, or stop the music.


I suppose you could struggle to listen to you your GPS through your pocket, but is that a viable option? The busier your surroundings the less likely that option will fly, as you won’t hear it the way you’d need to. A phone mount is an excellent addition to one’s bike accessories if the owner finds themselves constantly being guided by GPS.

Delivery drivers, couriers, and other riders whose occupation requires a constant flow of directions would greatly benefit from having their phone visible while they’re on the go.

eBike Class Switching

Some eBike manufacturers such as Hovsco have an app that opens up speed options for their line of eBikes. For example, if you were to pick up a HovRanger, one of their mountain eBike options, you’d want the app opened up on your phone so you could switch between class 2 or 3, whichever is most appropriate for the area.

Some people would tend to keep the Hovsco app opened up on their phone mounted to the handlebars due to the other real-time information that their app provides like speed, travel time, trip, and odometer.


If I had to choose from the five bike phone mounts in this list, the one I’d choose would be the JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount. Why? Because of them all, it is designed to be able to comfortably handle a wider variety of phone cases, a thematic complaint that the other four suffered, even by people who love the other brands.

That one thing is an outlier, as they are all reliable products in terms of staying rigid, being versatile, and keeping the phone protected. Overall, their differences are merely different methods of doing the same thing. In the end, you may check them all out and like the looks of one over the other, some are cheaper than others, but any of them would be a good choice to keep the investment you’ve made into your phone safe.



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