Ride An Electric Bike! How To Beat a Railroad Strike And Commute To Work in Style HOVSCO

Ride An Electric Bike! How To Beat a Railroad Strike And Commute To Work in Style

Do You want to beat a railroad strike and commute to your work in style?

If Yes, ride an hovsco electric bike and commute to your work in style.

Hovsco presents the best electric bicycles for commuters at the best affordable prices. Currently, we are offering $200 OFF for pre-sale on your first order.

Why are you waiting now?

Grab this golden opportunity and commute your work in style.

Hovsco e-bikes can cut time off of a regular bike commute, give you a great workout, boost endorphins, And are more eco-friendly than car driving.

Electric bike trials will be offered this week to commuters, who will also have to put down a deposit when they pick up the bike.

This deposit will be refunded once you return an electric bike, and these trials are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Hovsco e-bikes are fast, fun, and take the stress out of hills, making them the perfect way of handling a short commute.

The Hovsco offer will let you borrow an e-bike for an entire week, which is enough time to use an electric bike while the strikes occur.

When you head to your local Hovsco store to borrow an e-bike, you'll also need to show two forms of ID before you get hold of your new vehicle.

This new plan will be convenient if you're within cycling distance of work.

National Rail has said the strikes announced would mean around half of all rail lines are closed, with only a sixth of services running.

Thousands of workers are set to work out after pay talks.

Besides affecting those that use the train for their commute to work, the rail strikes could affect people heading to the festival and students sitting exams. So this is the best time to buy an hovsco e-bike and commute your work in style.

5 E-Bike Commuting Tips

Follow these tips below to make Hovsco e-bike commuting fun, stress-free and safe.

1. Find The Best Commuting E-Bike.

The first step to good bike commuting is finding the right Hovsco e-bike and the right-sized e-bike. Choosing the right size Hovsco e-bike involves knowing how tall you are. After knowing that, use our guide to adult bike sizes to see which size e-bike fits your height.

You can check our Hovsco e-bikes collection here.

2. Test Your Route When You're Not In A Rush.

Getting information and knowing what to expect on your commuting route is essential.

How long does it take?

What type of traffic do you have to deal with on the way?

Is there an alternative route you could take?

Take time to practice your commute before commuting, and make sure you time your route and you test your route.

3. Have All The Right Gear.

There are some everyday essentials that everyone should have before the hovsco electric bike commute:

  • Helmet
  • E-bike lights
  • Bike lock
  • Charged phone
  • E-bike battery keys

4. Understand The Rules Of The Road.

Check the laws in your area as e-bike rules and regulations vary from state to state. It's necessary to always be on the protection when commuting by e-bike:

  • Always make sure you're visible.
  • Practice Hand Signals.
  • Stop at signs and red lights entirely.

5. Set Goals Within Reason.

You don't have to get an electric bike and suddenly start taking it everywhere. Start small as needed by setting reasonable expectations for yourself, such as "I'm going to bike to work once a week." You can always add to your goals, but ultimately your goals should excite you.    

Top 10 Reasons To Commute Electric Bike In City Safely

Do you want a fantastic electric bike for commuting safely?

An electric commuter bike will undoubtedly get you to your destination quicker than your traditional mode of transport. An hovsco e-bike is safe to commute to your work in style.

Here are a few reasons why you should commute on a Hovsco e-bike.

  1. An e-bike lets you cover long distances without breaking into a sweat.
  2. Pass jammed roads in style and grace on an e-bike
  3. Say goodbye to the often tiresome search for a parking space.
  4. Riding an hovsco e-bike is environmentally friendly.
  5. Riding an e-bike is suitable for your fitness and health.
  6. You can reach your destination faster.
  7. You can go further with less effort
  8. It saves time, and its gears are easy to use
  9. It charges like a smartphone
  10. It's safe and comfortable

Benefits of Commuting Hovsco e-bike

When it comes to the morning commute, you are often given a choice between driving, cycling, public transport, and walking if you are lucky enough to live close to the office. Cycling is ideal for many people, especially when moving around busy cities with jammed traffic.

Here are some benefits of commuting hovsco e-bike:

  • Keeps You Healthy and Hygienic
  • No More Sweaty Public Rides
  • Reach Your Destination On Time
  • Independent and Convenient Ride
  • An Economical Option
  • E-Bikes are a great workout.
  • It wakes you up your day  
  • Great for the environment  
  • Electric Bikes are lightweight and foldable.   
  • You can take a test ride.  
  • Stress-free and convenient
  • Fast and flexible
  • Fit and healthy

The above-listed positive aspects are just some powerful advantages of commuting by hovsco e-bikes.

Choose your favorite hovsco e-bike and start commuting your work in style.

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