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Is There a Way to Tell What Size Chain to Use on My Bike?

Do you want to replace the chain of your bike? Or like to update the bike chain to ensure its better performance. In both conditions, you need to tell the chain size of your bike. Right? Many of us, especially beginner riders, think that it is hard to calculate the size of the chain on your bike.

First, keep in mind that your bike is dependent on its chain for performance. If you are not sure about the size of your bike chain while buying it, you will face trouble during riding. Therefore you should know about the right size of your bike chain.

It is easy to determine the correct chain size of your bike by measuring it in quick ways. Now here we will share everything you need to know to tell the length of your bike chain.

So let's dive into it.

Why it's essential to tell the bike chain size?

The right bike chain size is mandatory for ensuring its better performance. You need to tell your bike chain size at many places, especially for replacing it with a new chain. However, driving force of bike comes from the chain, which also suffers lots of damage. When your motorcycle covers a considerable distance and goes through the repairing process, pay special attention to its chain. The chain moves with rollers that cause the chain to stretch in length.

Tell the chain size half-inch more than the regular if you have the new bike. It will help you get the appropriate fitting during the stretching, especially if it has any damage. Knowing the correct chain size is essential for ensuring the life of a bike and its hassle-free riding.

Determine the right size of mountain bike chain

If you are a beginner, initial thing you need to do is know about the chain length of your bike. There are different methods for calculating the size of a bike chain.

Here we will share the practical methods that you can follow quickly. Keep in mind that every method for measuring the chain size is different, and you need to follow the steps according to it.

Tools required for measuring the bike chain

The bike chains come in two primary types: the master link rivet chains. Both chain types are entirely different, and you need to follow the various methods for measuring them. The master chain is more common than you can remove its outer links and connect with the chain for calculation. At the same time, the connection rivet chain has the rivet for making connections between links.

The tools also vary according to the chain and method you choose to measure the bike chain size.

  •       Chain tool is essential cutting chain
  •       The link pliers that help with master links to disengage chain

Determine the chain length

Here we will share the three different methods for knowing and telling the size of bike chains. You can choose any of them according to your suitability and learn about the chain size.   

1.Size according to chain that is and count links

It is one of the traditional methods for calculating the size of a chain and determining the length for buying a new one. When you want to choose the chain size, shift your bike to small sprockets. It helps you to check chain for links. If there is no slack, you are suitable for measuring the chain size. It is always better to remove margins and then calculate the chain size. Moreover, derailleur also pull back chain.

Now the next step is to shift the bike to large sprockets. If your chain mover easily and doesn't have any slacks, then it's good. It is also vital to ensure that the chain has two bends.

These small and large sprockets assessments help you know that your previous chain is in the right size and length. Therefore ensure to remove it carefully, lay it down. If you have already gotten original chain, lay down both sides and check the sizes. You can also count links of your old chin and determine its size.

2.Cog and chainring method

It is one of the easy and quick ways to determine the chain size with a large cog and chainring. The cog and chainring is the critical component in ensuring better performance. You can also calculate the chain length of size through it.

Here is the step-by-step guide for using the large cog and chainring method.

  • Remove old chain and shift it over forward-facing derailleur of large chainring with small rear
  • Start wrapping the chain on a large chainring. If chain has outer plate, roll the chain forward in the front of the chainring.
  • Ensure that you pass chain from front derailleur cage. Now front chainring.
  • The next step is to keep the chain in clock position at the number 5.
  • If you have the master link chain, you need to install half on front end and keep the extra master link chain.
  • Now pull the chain from its lower section and stick it in a forwarding direction to bypass the derailleur together front chainring.
  • The next step is to find closest river where it ends, add 2. It is the cutting point that gives you a clear idea about the size of the chain.

3.Measure chain size by using equation

One of the modern ways to determine the bike chain size through simple equations. If you are good at solving the equations, this method is to use before buying a new chain. It helps you to calculate inch increase.

 (R/4 + 1 + F/4) + 2 (C) = L

You have a compelling guide containing the three different methods for knowing the right size chain length. You can choose any of them and then tell the right size of chain for replacing or buying new for keeping it as the rescue.

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