Is Ebike Good Exercise? Four Ways to Enhance Ebike Exercise Level

Is Ebike Good Exercise? Four Ways to Enhance Ebike Exercise Level

“Ebike is cheating!”

Ever heard that one? Since the release of ebike, it not only transformed transportation in a more environmentally friendly way, but also sparked a new way for fitness purposes. But you might have constantly heard of the discussion about whether riding an ebike is cheating, and not as much exercise as normal cycling. It certainly makes one wonder: is ebike good exercise?

In this article, we’ll dive into the perks of riding an ebike as a fitness method and put those doubts to rest. We’ll also talk about four solid tips on how to level up your ebike ride so that you can maximize the fitness effect.

Why ebike is good exercise

Say goodbye to terrain and stamina anxiety

We all know cycling is a good way of exercise, but what’s stopping many people from doing it is the fear of those slopes and hills, especially for those who live in a hilly area. But with the power boost of an ebike, there’s no need to fear at all! Conquer all those inclines with ease with the motor pushing you in the back. Aside from helping people to climb hills, ebike can also help people overcome wind resistance.

Therefore, ebike opens a new way of exercising for a long period with confidence. A research* funded by the European Commission has shown that Metabolic Equivalent Task minutes per week (MET min/wk), were similar among e-bikers and cyclists (4463 vs. 4085). This finding counters the often-raised concern that e-biking may reduce physical activity due to the electric assist of ebikes, which reduces the required physical effort.

Longer range with both physical and psychological benefits

With the power assist and the battery, ebike help people travel longer ranges than normal cyclists. As the study shows, ebikers reported significantly longer trip distances for e-bike (9.4 km) compared to cyclists for bicycle trips (4.8 km).

This suggests that ebikers can compensate, at least in part, the lower effort per kilometer of e-biking by traveling longer distances. Also, on longer trips, ebikers can cover more spots on the route, see more views and discover more unknowns, therefore increasing the fun and excitement of a trip, and making it more enjoyable. As a result, ebikers are more likely to choose to go for a ride.

Less demanding on body, great for older or heavier people

Riding an ebike is gentler for one’s body than some other types of exercise. Take one of the most popular daily exercises, running, for example. It can hurt your knees and joints because of the repeated stress, especially without proper guidance. This makes it a better choice for people with joint issues or those recovering from injuries.

Ebike is also a preferable way of exercise for those who have less physical strength. Study shows that ebikers have significantly higher average age and BMI than cyclists. The assistance that ebike provides allows the elderly or people with higher BMI to enjoy the freedom of cycling, which is so much more beneficial than just sitting around for them.

Study shows that the average BMI of ebikers is higher than cyclists

A strong substitution for other forms of transportation

The common concern is that riding an ebike requires less physical effort than riding an acoustic bike. But we should not ignore the fact the ebike is more adaptable for longer ranges, so it can be a great substitution for other forms of transportation, such as public transport or cars. By switching from taking motorized vehicles to riding an ebike, one can benefit a lot on a fitness level.

For example, a 20-minute car ride might mean a 1-hour bicycle trip. That might stop people from switching to riding an acoustic bike. However, an ebike ride would only take 40 minutes, which is a much nicer choice than one hour. Under such a circumstance, people might choose to ride an ebike.

Ebike is heavy and requires more effort

What’s the “E” in the ebike? It’s the electrical components. Other than the bike frame, an electric bike consists of a motor, battery, controller, sensor and more. These electrical components have quite a weight on them. For instance, an ebike battery weighs around 10 pounds. So in all, an ebike could be quite heavy compared to an acoustic bike.

When riding such a heavy ride, riders are required to more physical effort to make it work. This can somehow compensate for the effort put in less with the power assist.

How to enhance the physical activity level of ebike

If you still want to have a decent workout on an ebike, here are some tips on how to enhance your exercise level:

Set the pedal assist level as low as possible

PAS(pedal assist) level suggests the power that the motor provides. The lower the pedal assist level is, the less power the motor will provide. So in order to put in more physical effort, consider tuning down the pedal assist level to have less electric power. On Hovsco ebikes, there are five PAS levels, so setting it to one will enable you to ride as much as possible.

Increase riding frequency and duration

Exercising is about regularity, not intensity. Riding an ebike is fun and exciting, so try to form a regular workout routine with ebike. And with the motor and battery assist, try to ride longer distances as much as possible.

Try more challenging terrains

With the power assist, inclines are never a problem for ebike rides. So ebiker can choose more challenging terrains such as a hill, which will increase their exercise level.

Choose an ebike with torque sensor

A torque sensor uses advanced technology to provide a more natural and intuitive riding experience and can give rider the feeling of riding a real acoustic bike. It detects how much effort you put on the pedal, and tells the motor to provide power accordingly, which is more accurate. Most of the ebikes in the market use a cadence sensor. A rider may experience “ghost pedaling” on this kind of bike. Riders don’t need to apply much effort to reach a high speed, therefore decreasing the exercise level.

Discover the best ebike for you

Looking for the perfect e-bike? Check out Hovsco, a reputable e-bike manufacturer with a range of options suitable for every rider. We've got step-over and step-through versions for different preferences, all equipped with advanced torque sensors (except the HovCity commuter), offering a solid fitness experience with that extra power boost!

All-terrain capable: HovAlpha fat tire ebike step-over & step-thru version

Easy commute: HovRanger cruiser ebike step-over & step-thru version

Portability: HovBeta foldable ebike

Hauling ability: HovCart cargo ebike

Beginner ebike: HovCity commuter ebike

Hardcore rider: HovScout full-suspension ebike

Conclusion: the best exercise is the one you’ll actually do

With all the benefits of riding an ebike, riders are more likely to develop a regular exercise habit than non-ebikers. So in a long-term way, riding an ebike is definitely an excellent way of exercise.


*Source: Physical activity of electric bicycle users compared to conventional bicycle users and non-cyclists: Insights based on health and transport data from an online survey in seven European cities,Transportation Research, Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Volume 1, 2019

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