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How to Stay Safe While Riding Ebikes?

There are some important precautions that e-bicyclists can take to ensure their safety whilst riding, as e-bikes become increasingly popular and drivers learn to re-learn situational awareness.

  • If you ride a bicycle, wear a helmet.
  • Make yourself visible. If you can, wear bright, reflective clothing.
  • Make yourself heard. The sound of a bell or other noisemaker on your bike (or even yelling) can alert those nearby to your presence.
  • Respect the rules of the road. Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers.
  • Drive defensively. Keep enough distance between yourself and others (such as bicyclists and motorists) so that you have time to react to any unexpected situations. E-bikes require a lot of speed, so the distance should increase as the speed increases.
  • Predictability is key. Stay on a straight path and ride respectfully. Taking the lane is better than weaving left and right around parked cars.
  • Don't try to be nice by giving space, and then end up putting your life at risk. Follow the rules because they are predictable.
  • Use hand signals to indicate your direction of travel. 
  • If possible/safe, make eye contact with the driver when you are interacting with a car. People often look right through/over a cyclist because they aren't mentally looking for one.
  • While riding at night, make sure your bicycle lights are on and that you have enough lights to be seen from all angles. In addition to the stock lights that come with an E-bike, this light set is recommended if you will be riding at night. It's important to be visible at night.
  • Although bicyclists are legally entitled to the same rights and responsibilities as motorists, the truth is that they ride with much heavier vehicles that are faster and sometimes driven by impatient drivers. As a result, street smarts (pun intended) are essential for safety.

Along with the points highlighted above, make sure you're always aware of your surroundings, especially when riding in traffic.

In addition, be more careful when riding in the dark, you can read this article for details: 3 Tips for Riding Your Electric Bike in the Dark

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