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How to Remove and Replace an Electric Bike Controller?

Are you looking for a complete guide on removing or replacing an electric bike battery?

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We are going to guide you now on removing and replacing the controller. The controller is the inside part of the brain of the e-bike. The controller housing is the battery slides into to connect with the controller. It gets power from the battery, but then what it does is it gets information from your LCD, and then it tells the motor how much pedal-assist or how much power to give you.

How to Replace the E-bike Controller?

We will take that outright controller now and then replace it. It's a pretty basic job, and it's not difficult. All we need are two tools of Phillips and some snips. All right.


  • We will go ahead and snip the wires free. They are held by zip ties in three or four places and snip those. There is one down here that goes to the motor. Of course, you want to be careful that you don't snip the wire itself.
  • Now, we can go ahead, and there are two screws here in the front called Phillips. They are very easy to remove. One and two numbers hold the front panel of the controller housing, and in this black part, you will see a little plastic tab on either side. We can use the screwdriver to push those and pull that front panel out.
  • The front panel comes out, and the controller will come along it. We can pull that right out of the front, and there it is connected to everything.
  • To change the controller,we need to disconnect it from all the wires holding it still onto the bike to replace it with a new one. What we will first start with is we have two leads going to the battery tip. They are black and red like you may have seen in a car.
  • Now We will take the electrical tape off it. And then, the next step would be to pull the leads apart at the clips, which happens when you can pull on the tape just then. The red and the red go together, and then we will unbind the black one. We will remove those apart as well with the black leads.
  • And now, the controller housing is free of the controller. So, we just unplugged the rest part. We have this connection in the yellow one, which goes to the pedal-assist, and the next one is for the throttle. It has a little clip, you push down that little clip, and they will drop apart. And now, the last part is the longest than the others. There is one that goes down to the motor. We want to pull that part, and then there is one more zip tie right there, which is a little slippery.
  • The controller is free now. And then feed the wire that goes to the motor. We have to feed it through the bike's frame. There is a little bit of cable management plastic right there, and you need to push that connector part through the frame, and there is one more zip tie. Some extra zip ties ones in; no harm it, and now, we need to move the other wires out of the way. And then, pull it right through the frame's part it will come out. You will have the controller free of the controller housing and the bike, and then you can replace the controller.
  • Now, you can put the controller back in or the new controller, and now, first, you can connect the red and black lead. It's going into the controller housing. They are very easy. They snap together like red and red, and then black and black are connected. Then next, there is yellow on that one, and you can match that up with the yellow one for the pedal assist. Put those wires between the rack arms.
  • There is also a little direction and directionality to the clips. You'll see a little tab that will fit in there and little arrows. You can line up the arrows and then slide those back together.
  • The motor connectionwill have to be feedback through the frame. So, it will put it through between the seat stays and then down into the bike's shell on the backside of the seat tube and push it. It is the trickiest part, just getting this part fed back through there. And then, this connection will go up to the LCD monitor and the brakes for the three-way part. Where is my connection?
  • Again find out the way that lineup. You can see a little tab, and there are also arrows, and it's best to line up the arrows but do it very gently. You don't want to hurt these parts. They are fairly delicate, and the connections are too.
  • And then, the throttle one's very easy to see because it looks different than the other ones, snaps together with a nice positive snap. So then, now that we have the motor wire fed through the bike's shell, line those two arrows up again, gently find the fitting, and then firmly push them together.
  • We have to put the controller back into the controller housing, tuck the wires away, and then the black wires coming out will be centered. And then, you'll notice on the front plate of the controller housing that there is an opening area. Put where all the central wires are, click the front plate into place, the little snaps, and then we'll secure it with those two little screws. Put in screw number one and number two, and that's all there is. We are done.

Many well-known brand-name electric scooters and electric bikes have easy-to-install plug-and-play replacement speed controllers available in the market.

What if a Replacement Speed Controller is Not Available?

Most electric scooters and bikes have speed controllers made or wired specifically for that model. These speed controllers may only have connectors and wiring patterns unique to that model. Suppose a plug-and-play replacement speed controller is not available. In that case, a speed controller with the same Voltage rating and an equal or slightly higher Watts rating may be replaced for the original speed controller as long as it is wired to the other parts of the bike.

How To Install E-bike Controller?

If a speed controller is available, that will plug and play directly into an electric scooter or bike. However, when installing it, be careful because the connectors may be the same. However, the wiring patterns going to the connectors may differ from that of the original controller.

  • Double-check the wiring to ensure it is correct before installing the new controller. The pins can be removed and installed in different locations on the connector if the connectors are correct but the wiring going to the connectors is incorrect.
  • To rearrange the pins inside a connector, use a narrow metal rod to push on and bend the pins locking tab inside the connector, and then gently pull the wire and pin out of the back of the connector.
  • Now, turn the locking tab back to its original position and insert the pin back into the connector in the preferred location.

When the pin is fully inserted into the connector and the locking tab has been correctly bent back into position, it will make a small "snap" or "pop" sound to let you know that it has been perfectly installed.

Speed Controller Installation Tips and Tricks

  • Before replacing the speed controller, make sure that the key switch or power switch is in the off position.
  • When removing a speed controller, disconnect the battery pack from the speed controller first.
  • Connect the battery pack to the speed controller last when installing a speed controller.
  • Remove the chain from the motor before connecting the battery pack to the speed controller.

Final Thoughts

We have tried our best to explain how to replace ad install the e-bike controller. If you still have any questions, comment below. We'll contact you as soon as possible.

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