How to Find The Best Electric Scooter in 2024 for You? 8 Key Criteria to Consider

How to Find The Best Electric Scooter in 2024 for You? 8 Key Criteria to Consider


Electric transportation has been increasingly popular these days, with the pros of being eco-friendly, saving gas money, and avoiding traffic chaos. In short-range trips, electric bikes and electric scooters shine with their unique features, so the market now is flooded with tons of choices.

Selecting the right electric vehicle can make a significant difference in your riding experience. In this article, we’ll walk you through the nine key factors to consider when picking the perfect escooter for your needs from performance to practicality. Let's delve into the essential aspects to guide you through this decision-making process.

8 Key Criteria to Consider for Ordering an Escooter

1. Purpose and Intended Use

There are several types of escooters in the market, so consider how you plan to use your escooter before you start researching. Are you using it to commute to work and school? Do you need it for leisurely rides or off-road adventures? Do you want it to be seated, or a basket to haul stuff? Understanding the primary purpose helps narrow down your choices. Here are the commonly seen types of escooter in the market, and their main usage scenarios:

Commuter escooter: for commuting in urban areas or on paved roads
Seated escooter: providing a comfortable riding experience with a built-in seat Off-road escooter: for tough terrains and off-road adventures
Long-range cruiser escooter: designed for longer distances with a large battery capacity

2. Range and Battery

Evaluate the scooter's range, which indicates how far it can travel on a single charge. Battery life is crucial for longer commutes or extended rides. Look for a model that aligns with your daily travel needs without compromising on range.

The spec you should be looking for is battery capacity and maximum range. The unit of battery capacity is expressed in watt-hours (Wh). Sometimes the manufacturer would represent it by using volts(V) and amp-hour(Ah). Simply multiply the two and you’ll get the Wh of the battery. The higher the value is, the more maximum range the escooter will get.

3. Speed and Power

The speed and motor power of an e-scooter varies across models. Some offer higher speeds for quicker commutes or adventures, while others prioritize torque for better uphill performance. Choose based on your speed requirements and the terrain you'll navigate.

The spec you should be looking for is the motor power, which is expressed in the unit of watt(W). The higher the figure is, the stronger the escooter is, and the steeper inclines it can climb.

4. Portability and Weight

Portability matters for people who have limited storage space, or need to carry the escooter around like taking in on the metro. If you are one of them, consider the scooter's weight. Lighter models are easier to carry but might compromise on features. Balancing weight with functionality is key, especially if you need to fold and carry it frequently.

Many of the escooters in the market feature a foldable stem that can be put down on the deck of the escooter. It will reduce the size of the whole vehicle, making it easier to store or carry around.

5. Build Quality and Durability

Invest in a scooter built with sturdy materials that withstand regular use. Consider the build quality, frame strength, and resistance to weather conditions, particularly if you plan to ride in various environments.

Ingress Protection(IP) level is often used to measure how resistant a device is against solids and water. The IP code is often followed by two digits, the second one indicating the level of blocking internal components against moisture. For example, an IPX5 rating indicates that the product can protect water projected by a nozzle from any direction.

6. Tires and Comfort

For a smoother ride, look for scooters with quality tires. Comfort matters, especially if you're riding for longer durations or across uneven terrain.

Oftentimes, the wider the tires are, the better they can handle bumps in the road and provide a comfortable riding experience.

7. Safety Features

Prioritize safety features such as reliable brakes, lights for night riding, and a robust braking system. Some models come with additional safety features integrated brake light that will lighten up when rider hits the brake, or an electronic brake.

Also, safety for batteries is a big concern for many people, as there were some lithium-ion battery fires related to electric vehicles. Consider opting for batteries with a UL certification. UL(Underwrites Laboratories) is a third-party laboratory that conducts testing, auditing, and certification to ensure that products comply with relevant safety standards and regulations.

8. Price and Value

After deciding how you’ll use the escooter mainly, set a budget and explore models within that range. While price matters, consider the value the scooter offers concerning its features, build quality, and after-sales service.

Check Out Best Budget Escooters for Commute

Xander Max folding escooter

Powerful: 500W peak power motor, 350W sustained power, 15° gradeability

Long range: 374.4Wh battery capacity, 30 miles maximum range

Fast: 19mph top speed

Safety: UL-2272 certified battery, IPX5 waterproof with protection from water jets, disc and electric double-brake system

Portability: Folding stem and locking feature

A escooter perfect for city commute with portable folding feature, Xander Max electric scooter

Porto Max cargo escooter with seat

Powerful: 500W peak power motor, 350W sustained power, 15° gradeability

Long range: 374.4Wh battery capacity, 35 miles maximum range

Fast: 19mph top speed

Safety: UL-2272 certified battery, disc and electric double-brake system

Portability: folding stem for easy storage

Tires: 12-inch tires for better stability

Hauling: cargo basket in the back for grocery shopping, 220 lbs maximum payload

Seating: adjustable seat for different riders with comfortable riding

Electric scooter with seat, cargo hauling feature, Porto Max electric scooter


By considering these factors and aligning them with your specific requirements, you'll be better equipped to choose an electric scooter that perfectly suits your lifestyle and needs. Happy riding!

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