How to best waterproof my electric bike

Electric bikes are designed to be used in all weathers in much the same way as electric cars so don’t worry if you get caught out in the rain on your ride because you should still be able to make it home with no issues. Hovsco bikes are built to last and are water resistant so offer fantastic reliability in all weathers.

However no electric bike is completely waterproof and even rugged electric trail bikes will not function with prolonged contact with water.

No ebike is built to ride through rivers and withstand long periods of time submerged in water. You can’t ride down rivers and streams as you can with a conventional bike although doing this can be tempting.  And if you habitually ride in wet conditions or along muddy trails with puddles you should definitely consider some extra waterproofing care in order to keep your e bike in good condition.

The best waterproof electric bike in the world would not be able to withstand long periods of time in the water any more than you could expect an electric car to still drive after being fully submerged in the river or sea.  As we all know water and electricity just do not mix!

So let’s check out some of the ways you can maintain your e bike and make it the best waterproof electric bike possible.

First up let’s look at how the manufacturers protect the electric bike's components from water damage.


How waterproof is my electric bike?

If you are considering buying an electric bike, don’t waste your time looking for the best waterproof electric bike on the market, because despite advertising claims, the fully waterproof electric bike does not yet exist.

Electric bikes are water resistant meaning that the electric components, cable motor and battery are sealed to prevent water getting in. They conform to industry standards and this is legislated via the IP code.

The Ingress Protection Code (IP Code) is an official industry classification that indicates how well a device is protected against dust and water.

Hovsco bikes conform to the industry benchmark of an IP rating of 4 5 which means that it is protected from water spray from any direction including low pressure water jets. You will not find any better rating than this so just check that your ebike conforms to this industry standard. Sadly not all e bike manufacturers are the same.

The level of protection offered by Hovsco means that your electric bike is fine for riding through splashes and puddles but a severe rain storm or prolonged time riding through deep water may enable water to enter the bike and cause serious damage.

How can I make my electric bike more water resistant?

Remember, nothing you can do to your e bike will make it 100 % water proof, so it always important to err on the side of caution when you are planning to ride your bike in seriously wet conditions. E bikes are expensive and water could be fatal for your ebike so you should not take the risk.

If you are planning on riding your e bike through muddy wet trails or you live in a very wet climate and wish to use your bike to commute for example, it make sense to consider some additional protection.

Electronics safe spray:

Using a water resistant aviation grade spray for the electronics is an easy and cost effective way to add some water protection. There are plenty on the market such as Neverwet or Corrosion X or alternatively aviation grade spray ACF50 is a good choice. This only has to be applied once every two years so should be a part of your maintenance schedule.

Waterproof tape for the wires and cables:

Silicone self fusing tape can be applied to the wires that are fixed on the bike frame and connect the battery to the controller and the motor. The tape will add an extra layer of protection to the wires making them more resistant to splashes and rain. Silicon self fusing tape is stretchy and clear and is easy to peel off without leaving any residue or damaging the finish.

Pot the electrical components

You can further protect the electrical components by potting them. This means covering the components with a gel that hardens and seals which makes them as waterproof as possible. Before this is carried out, the electronics need to be checked over to ensure they are in top working order. This is because once the gel is in place; the components cannot be repaired so if there is a minor issue, the only option is to replace the defective component.

Potting is not a job that should be carried out at home. You should only ever take your electric bike to a reputable e bike repair shop and ask the advice of an expert. Potting is not a routine part of ebike maintenance. Most people do not need it but if you wish to ride on trails and in ultra wet conditions it may be worth considering.

General care for your ebike in wet conditions

E bikes are designed to be used in all conditions but you do need to take care to prevent wet from damaging your ebike.

Keep your ebike clean

You need to keep your ebike free from mud so it is crucially important to clean it if it has got muddy after a ride.  Although the components are sealed to prevent mud getting in, leaving the chain, gears and brakes coated in mud will speed up any damage and wear.

As with all bikes, never jet wash your ebike. The water jets remove grease and increase the risk of rusting. And if your ebike is still under guarantee, jet washing will invalidate this so always resist the temptation. Instead use a bucket of warm soapy water and a brush to remove dirt and grime. Always start at the top of the bike and work down being careful not to get too much water near the sealed units.

You can use dish soap for cleaning. It is important to make sure you rinse off the soapy residue and pat dry with a dry clean cloth.

Wipe your ebike down after your ride

Always wipe your bike down after your ride rather than let it dry naturally. Removing any moisture with a clean dry towel or cloth will help keep it in tip top condition.

Make sure the battery is dry

It’s a good idea to remove and dry the battery if you have been riding in light rain. Make sure that the bike is dry then take off the battery and dry it with a towel. Make sure the battery cable is dry too so remember to wipe it down after use.

Riding your e bike in rain

Although it is important to be mindful of the risks to your e bike when it comes to water, remember that ebikes are designed to be used in most weathers.

You can ride your electric bike in the rain without any major issues. That said it makes sense to not go for a bike ride if it is the sort of rain that gets you soaked to the skin in a few minutes. Electric bikes are expensive so if you do have a choice to avoid excessive rain it is always best to take it.

You can splash through puddles and you really don’t need to consider it too much. The problems only arise if you decide to ride down streams or submerge your e bike in water.

Storing your electric bike

Always ensure that your electric bike can be stored in a dry place. If you are out and about it is always a good idea to take a waterproof bike cover with you so that your electric bike doesn’t have to stand in the rain.

In addition if you generally store your bike outside and the weather turns bad, it is a good idea to bring the bike indoors or put it in the garage or outhouse. Never remove the battery if the electric bike is wet. This will enable water to enter the battery housing and will potentially cause more problems than leaving the battery in place until you can fully ensure your bike is dry.

Electric bikes are designed for all types of weather, terrains and riders

As with cars, electric bikes come in all types of style from city commuter vehicles to rugged off roaders for adventures and trails and everything in between.

 Electric bikes are ideal for all ages from sedate seniors to adventure junkies, commuters and everyone else and are perfectly adaptable for a vast range of terrains. E bikes are designed for all types of weather too so you can feel perfectly comfortable riding in rain and in normal weather conditions because they are highly water resistant. However what they are not is waterproof.

You probably wouldn’t drive down a stream in your car or leave your smart phone out in a rainstorm so give your ebike the same consideration and keep it out of extreme water conditions. The best waterproof electric bike will not enable you to ride in the sea or through a major rainstorm so use your common sense and your electric bike will give you years of usage without any problems.


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