Hovsco Show their E-bikes at the LA Auto Show 2022 HOVSCO

Hovsco Show their E-bikes at the LA Auto Show 2022

The Los Angeles auto show is one of the biggest auto shows around the world. Here you will see automotive innovations being showcased by companies to show their value to their potential customers.


The exhibition will showcase some of the most exotic and innovative automobiles & concepts showcasing the future of transportation. One thing that everyone would be noticing these days is the emphasis on electric vehicles in the future.

Electric vehicles offer us an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. So, long EVs have been considered boring, especially if they are bikes. But, that is going to change at the LA Auto Show this year.

All Eyes are on Hovsco!

Hovsco, an e-bike manufacturer is going to showcase their e-bikes at the event from Nov 18-27, 2022. We will show our Ebikes at booth #k425/429 and provide test ride. Over the years, Hovsco has put together a brilliant collection of e-bikes for every requirement. From mountain bikes to city cruisers, the brand has it all! Every e-bike with Hovsco comes with:

  • Elegantly designed with HOVSCO’s professional designer.
  • Layer-on-layer quality control.
  • Industry-leading fastest delivery.

These are some of the key characteristics of every Hovsco e-bike, where the brand does not compromise on quality with an intent to provide the best value. 

The Collection:

Hovsco’s collection of an e-bike can be categorised based on their category:

Hovsco Mountain E-bikes: 

Hovsco Mountain e-bikes are designed for mountain adventures, these bikes come with a powerful 750W motor with a torque sensor to provide adequate power to tackle all obstacles. These fat tire e-bikes are powered by a 960 Wh Samsung/LG battery providing 80 miles range with a flashlight to tackle all obstacles in the dark. Bikes are powered by 7-speed Shimano speed shifter gears to support all uphill and downhill rides. All the information related to the e-bike is available via LCD panel by pressing 3 buttons. 

Hovsco Commuter/Cruiser E-bikes:   

Hovsco Commuter/Cruiser e-bikes are designed for city commutes and cruising through distances without any sweat. These e-bikes come with a 500W brushless hub motor providing adequate power and efficiency for comfortable rides in the city. The 48V 15Ah motor from LG/Samsung ensures durability and performance. One charge gives you a range of 60 miles on pedal assist and 40 miles on pure electric mode. All E-bikes come with LED lights to make your night rides comfortable through the city. Hydraulic disc brakes provide the best braking with minimal maintenance and long life. 

Hovsco Folding E-bikes:

Hovsco has also put together a folding e-bike collection for all those people who want to own an e-bike that doesn’t take up much space. This is for all the people who want to carry their e-bike on their adventure trips. For the people who want the e-bike to not take up a lot of space in their garage, it’s a perfect match for them as well! Being foldable does not mean that there are compromises in performance. The foldable e-bikes come with a 750W brushless hub motor to take on any tough terrain. The motor is powered by a 48V 15Ah Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery that gives a range of 60 miles on pedal assist and 40 miles on pure EV mode. For smooth shifting, the e-bike comes with a 7-speed Shimano shifter to conquer mountain roads and ride with ease.

High-Quality Accessories!

To make it even better, Hovsco also sells many e-bike accessories for your e-bike Here are some of the accessories:

  • Fenders
  • Racks
  • Baskets
  • Tail lights
  • Other E-bike components. 

Sum Up

Hovsco ensures that you get the best experience while riding your e-bike, and coming to the maintenance you can do it on your own, there is a huge knowledge base on Hovsco’s website for you.

To protect your purchase you get a warranty plan

To make it even better for you, Hovsco e-bikes come with a return & refund policy within 14 days for unused items. The brand has plans for its customers and that is to ensure high value at the right price.

This shows Hovsco’s futuristic vision for electric bikes in the future, where you can go on adventures and zip through the city in an eco-friendly way!

All Cheers to Hovsco!

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