Hovsco Pre-sale Starts Soon! HOVSCO

Hovsco Pre-sale Starts Soon!

HOVSCO is a brand company focusing on electric bicycles. It has its own production line and excellent production technology. It occupies a place in the European and American electric bicycle market and has a group of loyal HOVSCO users.

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When Does the Pre-sale Start?

Starts August 1, 2022 and ends August 15, 2022. Just click on our homepage or product collection page to participate in our pre-sale events.

The first 100 customers who participate in the pre-sale and successfully place an order will have a surprise gift waiting for you!

What Privileges Do the Top 100 Pre-sale Customers Have?

For the first 100 customers who participated in the pre-sale and successfully placed an order, our surprise package includes the following:

  • You can have top-level VIP privileges, which will be reflected in our points system. Now you can have top-level VIP privileges in the points system by participating in the pre-sale and successfully placing an order, and become our veteran VIP.
  • You can get 2,500 points, which can be exchanged for a $25 discount coupon, which can be used when purchasing any product.
  • For the first 100 users who participate in the pre-sale and successfully place an order, we will give away an AirTag worth $29, which can locate your electric bike anytime, anywhere, first come first served!

Are All Hovsco Products Participating in the Pre-sale Event?

Except for the HovCity Step-Thru electric bicycle, other products can participate in the pre-sale activities, as long as any one of them is purchased, it is regarded as a normal participation in the pre-sale activities.

Are There Any Other Offers During the Pre-sale Period?


During the pre-sale period we have exclusive promo codes.
Get $100 off every electric bike purchased and use coupon code HOVSCO100;
Save $250 per order when you buy two or more e-bikes and use coupon code HOVSCO250.

Please click here to learn more about the availability of tax rebate policies during the purchase process.
If you have any questions about purchase or use, please feel free to contact us.

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