Hovsco vs Aventon: Comparing Hovsco HovCity to the Aventon Soltera HOVSCO

Hovsco vs Aventon: Comparing Hovsco HovCity to the Aventon Soltera

Choosing an ebike is not an easy task, whether it be your first or your fifth, and there are many manufacturers out there competing for your attention and, more specifically, your hard earned cash. In this piece we’re comparing the HovCity Step-Thru ebike to the Soltera made by Aventon. It might give you more useful hints to choose a suitable ebike for yourself. 

HovCity Step-Through Ebike delivers terrific performance for its powerful motor and battery, torque sensor. While you’re not going to win any hill climbing competitions on these bikes, they’re perfect for short city rides on fairly flat ground. But which one should you choose? Let’s go over the differences between two ebikes to try to break down which bike is better for which type of rider.






Model HovCity Step-Thru Soltera Step-Thru 
Motor 500W 350W
Battery 36V 15Ah (540Wh) 36V 9.6Ah (345.6Wh)
Charger 42V 3 Amp 36V 2 Amp 
Sensor Cadence Sensor Cadence Sensor
Pedal Assist 5 Levels 5 Levels
Throttle Thumb Press Thumb Lever
Range 40-60 Miles Average 41 Miles Average
Colors 3 3
Weight 54 lbs 43 lbs
Max. Payload Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs
Gears 7 7
Lights Yes Yes
Display LCD Display LCD Display
Top Speed 28 MPH 20 MPH
Price Stating at $999 $1,399





The electric element is what makes electric bikes what they are. You're probably reading this article because you're curious to know how the electrical components of the HovCity Step-Through ebike compared to those of the Soltera Step-Through ebike. 



HovCity Step-Thru

Soltera Step-Thru 






36V 15Ah (540Wh)

36V 9.6Ah (345.6Wh)

By having a battery that is 7% larger than its competitor, you have more power and can travel further between charges. This extra capacity is made possible by using the same battery cells that Tesla is using in their latest electric vehicles. From the ground up, these cells are designed to provide a more powerful experience in a smaller space.




Compared to Soltera, HovCity has far 500W motor. 

Sensor Candence sensor Cadence sensor Stopping power and comfort is what you desire.

Pedal Assist

5 Levels

5 Levels

The two models have the same top speeds and pedal assist levels, which gives riders a versatile riding experience, allowing them to fine-tune their pedal assist level according to their preferences.


42V 3A

36V 2A

HovCity Step-Thru has a more powerful charger than Soltera, which means it will make you ride further and faster.


LCD Display

LCD Display

This easy-to-read LCD screen displays the info about battery, speed, pedal assist level, range, and distance.

Lights Headlight & Rear Light Headlight & Rear Light

Both ebikes are equipped with convenient and helpful headlight and rear light.


Available as a 54 lbs and 7 speed, HovCity Step-Thru is slightly heavier than Soltera, but it's a bit faster under the same motor power and has an impressive average range of 60 miles on pedal assist. With similar frames, accessories, and gearing, the big difference in weight here comes from the batteries and the motors. The HovCity Step-Thru ebike has a larger and more powerful battery 36V 15Ah (540Wh), compared to the Soltera’s 36V 9.6 Amp-hours. 




Now that we’ve dove into the electric parts of both the HovCity and Soltera, it’s time to look more into the bike part. After all, these products are electric bikes!


HovCity Step-Thru

Soltera Step-Thru 





Mechanical Disc Brakes

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Both ebikes are equipped with mechanical disc brakes, which provides stopping power without sacrificing comfort.

Frame Step-Thru Step-Thru 

With a low step frame, HovCity Step-Thru offers riders the most upright riding position and will be the easiest for riders to mount and dismount by simply stepping through the curved frame.





Both ebikes use the same seven speed gearing.


Suspension Fork

Spring Coil Fork

75 mm

Coil Fork

Both ebikes are equipped with front suspension forks with lockout functions. Riders can fine-tune their fork to match the terrain they are riding in, depending on the terrain. 


Both ebike has a sleek and stealthy single-speed electric bike with a minimalistic design and step-through frame. Equipped with both pedal assist & throttle plus integrated 




Lastly, let's move on to the fun part: the physical aspects. While comparing HovCity Step-Thru and Soltera physically side-by-side, we discuss a few features below that can not only affect riding, but also how you look and feel when you are out and about adventuring. Furthermore, you will feel more confident riding when you look and feel the part!  


Model HovCity Step-Thru Soltera Step-Thru Comments
Frame Step-Through Step-Through


The low step frame design is good for those who are not able to 


Colors 3 3 Both ebikes have three colors options to accommodate different riders' color preferences!
Weight 54 lbs 73 lbs The weight of an ebike is an important factor to consider. It's a fine line between wanting it to feel sturdy without being overpowering. 
Carry Capacity 300 lbs 300lbs Both ebikes have the same carry capacity which riders can pack their bags, pennies, etc.
Integrated Battery Yes Yes HovCity Step-Thru is equipped with an integrated battery and Soltera is the same.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs A higher maximum carry capacity simply means HovCity can carry more. Heavier riders don’t have to worry about pushing the limits on HovCity.

27.5 x 2.2"

700C *35C 

These ebikes are all high quality, puncture proof tires made by the highly respected tire manufacturer Kenda.






The HovCity Step-Thru ebike is an urban e-bike that tops out at a speed of 28mph and Soltera is a minimalist Class 2 urban one that tops out at a speed of 20mph. Both ebike are available in a seven-speed with disc brakes. The Soltera uses a smaller-than-average 36V 10Ah battery, while HovCity uses a larger 36V 15Ah battery, which means a longer ranger you can achieve.

HovCity Step-Thru ebike's battery can still deliver an average of 40-60 miles range. Integrated rear lights and LED strip light on the battery pack operate well when the HovCity Step Thru’s headlight is off, or remain on permanently for night-time use.  A bigger battery, a more powerful motor, and Hovsco’s experience in the e-bike market make it totally worth the extra price. You can go faster and farther on this bike than you can on Soltera. Finally, the HovCity Step-Thru is a better acceptable option if you are in a flat area and on a budget after comparing all specs. 


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