Electric Bike vs. Electric Trike, Which Will You Choose?

For most of the past two years, almost everyone in the world was confined to staying in their homes. Outdoor activities were halted, and people had no choice but to stay at home and find indoor activities.

However, with vaccines being accessible, restrictions have been taken away. One activity that has grown popular in countries is riding bikes, electric bikes, and electric trikes. 

What’s old is back again. No matter what your age is, the adventure is still there. This is an electric era! The rise in popularity of the electric bicycle has revived the thrill of childhood combined with adult convenience. Since e-bikes are on the top, you have a broad spectrum of choices. 

The most extensive and challenging choice is getting onto the three or two-wheeled bike models. We know there might be a lot of concerns baffling your mind, but the real question is:electric bike vs. electric trike, which is best for you?

Apart from the extra wheel, what are the other differences between the two types of e-bikes? In this article, we will look at each bike to help you decide which is best for you. 


Electric Bike

The e-bike has evolved substantially over the 150 years since the first steam-powered bike hit the road. Electric bikes are not scooters or motorcycles. They are just regular bicycles embedded with a motor, a battery, and a controller. The two-wheeled cycle has been the lightest and most compact mode of transportation available. 

Pros of Electric Bike

  • Electric bikes are easy to maneuver. It has a much better turn radius than a tricycle.
  • Since this bike has only two wheels, it is easy to store anywhere. In addition to that, e-bikes also have folding models, making them easier to keep in small places.
  • E-bikes are lightweight modes of transportation. They are suitable for living in an apartment as they can easily carry them upstairs. 
  • Electric bikes are easier to load in public transportation.
  • Electric bikes come in different models suitable for mountainous terrain, loose sand, and sleep trails. 
  • It has a broad range of models, making it suitable for everyone’s choice. 
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • The bike is easier to pedal. If the bike’s battery power runs out, you can easily pedal home.

Cons of Electric Bike 

  • Electric bikes have a limited range which varies from 20 to 200 miles maximum.
  • Since electric bikes have a small model, they can carry a limited number of passengers and cargo.
  • It might be challenging to balance, especially if you are elderly or a kid.
  • It can be harmful if you have existing joint and back issues.

Electric Trike

So how an extra wheel can make or break the electric bike? The most appealing feature of the e-trike is found back on the playground: stability. There’s no doubt that almost every kid’s first mode of transportation was a tricycle.

It provides a balance, which can be challenging to develop on the two-wheeler. So, if you are new to the world of sustainable transportation, start with a trike. It will provide you with a solid foundation.

An electric trike is not only for kids; it also serves the same purpose for adult riders. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean that we don’t need balance and agility.

There can be any reason which may affect our balance. Here’s where a tricycle truly meets the road, assisting those who want freedom with a little bit of stability.

Pros of Electric Trike

  • Much like other tricycles, e-trikes also have two wheels in the back and sometimes front, supporting a bicycle.
  • Doubling the wheels makes it more stable when cruising, especially when turning it.
  • Two extra wheels also enable the bike to carry more passengers and cargo while keeping them safe.
  • An e-trike is the best for folks with balance issues.
  • E-trikes may also benefit shorter people who might have problems touching the ground on a bicycle or bike.
  • E-trike provides extra support for people with joint and back problems. 
  • Usually, electric trikes have an incredible range. 30-60 miles is an average range; however, some electric trikes get hundreds of miles. 

Cons of Electric Trikes

  • Electric trikes are more expensive than electric bikes.
  • They are not the best if you are looking for athletic posture.
  • With an electric trike, you will have limited places to go. You can’t take them to the beach or grounds with loose sand. Moreover, it becomes uncomfortable to paddle it on rough and bumpy terrain.
  • Despite how fun it is to ride an electric trike, turning them into tight spaces can be challenging.
  • Electric trikes are heavier than e-bikes, especially if you have to paddle because of the low battery.
  • It needs ample storage space and is very difficult to lug up a flight of stairs.

Electric Bike vs. Electric Trike: What Should You Choose?

So back to the actual question — electric bike vs. electric trike, which is best for you? You may still be confused; perhaps you need a test ride to make up your mind. 

However, if you can’t balance an e-bike, an e-trike is the apparent option for you. You won’t regret the stability it provides, even if the stability comes at the cost of athletic benefits.

The e-bike, on the other hand, is the perfect choice if you are looking for an athletic ride with a “go anywhere” attitude. Two wheels will have you racing in and out of traffic, around the potholes and rocks on the beach.

If you think you’ll be using your bike roughly, you should go for an e-trike. An electric trike is more potent than most electric bikes. It has excellent storage for cargo and people. However, on the other hand, an electric bike has significantly less storage and capacity for people. 

In addition to that, the pedal power of an electric bike is more as it is lightweight, so it’s easier to propel it anywhere, even without a battery. At the same time, an e-trike is difficult to peddle as it is heavyweight. Once the battery ends, you’ll be exhausted to drag it.

If you have decided which bike you want, Hovsco has some fantastic options for electric transportation for you!

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