Ebike maintenance: keep your ebike in great condition

We don’t tend to consider the practicalities of ebike maintenance before we buy an ebike. Instead we focus on the style and design of the bike, the speed and the battery power. With Hovsco bikes this can be a challenge because with the great models available, you really are spoilt for choice.

So whether you go for a fat tire model for off roading, a fast commuter ebike such as the Hov Ranger or a foldable model like the Hov Beta, you probably don’t consider the maintenance aspect until you have got your ebike home.

The good news is that ebike maintenance is not overly difficult. However it is important to carry out maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that your expensive investment looks and performs as well as the day that you bought it.

So let’s check out everything you need to do in order to keep your ebike in great condition.

Cleaning your ebike after riding

Cleaning your ebike is actually one of the most important steps in keeping your ebike in great condition. To keep it clean after riding you can simply wash the ebike with a mild dish soap and water solution, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a clean towel. For stubborn mud, try using a brush. Always start at the top and move down so you won’t be re -cleaning areas you have already covered.

You can use water to clean an ebike. However you should never jet wash your ebike because you could risk causing damage. Although bikes in the Hovsco range are water resistant to low pressure water spray, doing this can pose a risk to the electrics if you get this wrong. Hand washing is always the safest option for keeping your ebike clean on a regular basis.

Once you have cleaned and dried your bike, it is a good idea to apply good quality lubrication to your chain. Electric bikes tend to be heavier on lubrication than conventional bikes so this is worth doing after each long ride. You can’t damage your ebike by using too much lubrication but always refer to your users’ manual if in doubt.


Deep Cleaning Your Ebike

Depending on the way you use your ebike and how dirty it gets, you will need to deep clean your ebike from time to time.

To do this, first position your ebike in a safe supported position and remove the wheels and the battery. Most manufacturers including Hovsco advise removing the battery for deep cleaning but if you have a different brand it is a good idea to check on the company’s official website first.

If you do remove the battery, protect and cover the electric contacts with a dry material. You should also cover exposed contacts and switches in a similar way. Ebikes are designed to be water resistant but there is no point taking any risks for the sake of the few seconds it takes to cover up exposed points. .

Cleaning the frame

You can use a bike cleaning spray to clean your bike. Spray the frame from top to bottom, avoiding the electrics as much as possible. Then use a brush to clean away stubborn mud. Leave the spray on the ebike for about 5 minutes and then wipe clean with a clean dry cloth.

Cleaning the drive train

Use a degreaser on the drive chain and the cassette to remove old grease, using a stiff brush to remove all residue. Then put the lubrication oil back on the chain, using the pedals to ensure that it is evenly distributed.

Cleaning the electrical contacts

There are numerous ebike cleaning products on the market. A product that prevents corrosion such as Corrosion Block can be sprayed on the electrical contacts, including the battery terminals and any metal parts. It dispels water and is especially important in winter when the damper conditions could lead to rusting and corrosion.

Routine maintenance

Although cleaning your ebike is very important, you will need to undertake routine maintenance from time to time. Booking your ebike in for a regular service at an e bike repair shop is a good way to ensure that your ebike is in tip top condition , but you can carry out some of these routine maintenance jobs yourself

Checking the tire pressure

This routine job is easy and extremely important for the safety and functioning of your ebike. If the tires are underinflated it can compromise safety and also cause your ebike to run through the battery charge very quickly. Over inflated and your bike will be too rigid and uncomfortable.

The optimum tire pressure is always printed on the tire wall so make sure you keep to this. Use a tire pressure gauge either at home or at your local garage as you cannot ascertain the correct tire pressure from touch testing alone.

Maintaining the health of your ebike battery

The battery is sealed so as long as the contacts are clean and rust free, there is not a lot you need to do to your ebike battery.

All lithium batteries lose capacity over time so to maintain the health of your battery always avoid leaving it fully charged or empty for long periods of time. So if you tend to only use your ebike throughout the summer months, it’s a good idea to store the battery indoors at room temperature when it is out of service.

It is important to make sure that your stored battery is not allowed to completely discharge. Always aim to keep it charged to between 30% to 60% and that way your battery will be in good health when you come to use it again.

It is important to always use the designated charger that comes with your ebike. If you lose the original always go back to your original supplier. Hovsco will be able to supply you with the exact charger for your model so contact the company for a spare or replacement battery charger rather than search online for a generic model.

Brake maintenance

It is important to ensure that your brake system is working correctly.  The hydraulic fluid in hydraulic disc brakes needs to be replaced after around 3000 miles or so. The easiest way to do this is to book your ebike into an ebike repair garage and leave it to the professionals.

You can do this job yourself. To bleed your brakes and replace the fluid, you need to buy a brake bleeder kit which contains a syringe and a container to catch the old fluid and follow the instructions. It can be a fiddly job if you are not technical, and many people simply leave it to the professionals for peace of mind.

If your brake pads get dirty it will cause them to wear more quickly so keeping them clean is important. You can tell if you have a problem with your brake pads because you will notice a noise when you use them.

Sometimes the brake pads need to be replaced. If you do want to replace your own brake pads it is much cheaper than taking your ebike to a repair shop but make sure you follow all the instructions that relate to your particular ebike model.

Keep up to date with your ebike’s software

Most reputable ebike suppliers, such as Hovsco provide an app to help you maximise your ebike’s performance. It is important to keep the software updated so that your system is always current and functioning correctly. Always accept software updates and if you do experience any issues with your app contact the company for support.


The best type of maintenance you can carry out on your ebike is keeping it clean and free from mud and grime. Cleaning your bike after every ride will preserve its longevity and give you a chance to check your bike over on a regular basis.

If you are not willing to carry out routine maintenance yourself such as bleeding the brake system or replacing any worn parts, booking your electric bike in for regular servicing is probably the best option for you.

Otherwise, keeping an eye on the tire pressure and taking care of your battery and the app is enough for most riders. You do not need to be a bike mechanic in order to enjoy your electric bike, any more than all drivers need to have the ability to strip down a car engine.

Simply keeping aware of potential problems and keeping your bike clean is enough for most users. Booking in for a regular service, as with a car, is essential if you don’t have the inclination or skills to carry out repairs yourself. That way you can enjoy your ebike for many years without needing to get your hands dirty.


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