Ebike Fishing: A New Way to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Ebike Fishing: A New Way to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The world of fishing is changing, and electric bikes have introduced an exciting twist to the game. Ebike fishing is becoming popular. It's a simple yet innovative idea: combine the joy of ebiking with the thrill of fishing. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the benefits and challenges that come with this new way of enjoying the outdoors.

By the end, you'll have a good grasp of what electric bike fishing is all about and whether it's a good fit for your fishing adventures. So, follow us with an electric bike and fishing gear, and let's dive into the world of ebike fishing.


1. Long Range

Often times, when a fisher plans for a fishing trip, it usually takes half or even a whole day. Electric bikes offer an impressive range, allowing you to embark on a full-day fishing adventure without worrying about running out of battery. For example, Hovsco’s HovAlpha fat tire ebike offers a maximum range of 80 miles. You wouldn’t be worried about short trips!

2. Get Decent Exercise

If you want to get some decent workout during the ride to the fishing spots, you could choose to ride your ebike on pedal-assist mode, which allows you to still pedal. It's a fun way to stay in shape while enjoying your hobby.
Even if you feel exhausted after a long day of fishing, you could also choose to use throttle-only mode for your ride back, and simply enjoy the wind through your hair without breaking a sweat.
Hovsco’s ebikes are all equipped with both pedal assist and throttle-only mode for different riding conditions. There is also a walk mode that could help you get the bike up really steep hills or narrow trails.

3. More Fishing Locations

Electric bikes give you access to fishing spots that were previously difficult to reach by car or on foot. For instance, you might need to go on some a very long trail through to woods to reach a fishing spot, where riding a car is impossible and walking on foot takes too long. This is when an ebike shines!
Also, on an ebike, you become more observant, and you might find secret fishing spots that you’ve never paid attention to before!

4. All-Terrain Capability

This is especially evident on fat tire ebikes. Fat-tire electric bikes are built to handle various terrains, including soft terrains like sand and snow, and tough terrains like gravel. It's a game-changer for those who love off-road adventures to unknown fishing spots.
Hovsco’s HovAlpha is the best fat tire ebike on the market that you could ask for. For more information about the benefits of a fat tire ebike, please see our previous blog.

5. Save Money

With the soaring gas prices, opting for an electric bike is a cost-effective choice. You'll be saving tons of money while having a fantastic time fishing! Also, you could save money on parking if you drive a car to fishing spots. Even some public beaches are beginning to charge for parking now! But on an ebike, you could park anywhere you want on public properties.

6. Beat Rush Hour

Many fishers choose to end their day of fishing trip at dusk, when the sun is going down and fishing would be hard without light. That’s when most people are get off from work and commute home, which is the rush hours. Electric bikes let you simply breeze past the heavy traffic during rush hour, ensuring you get home quicker after a relaxing day of fishing.

7. Endless Fun

Beyond fishing, electric bikes offer an absolute blast for sightseeing or other outdoor activities. They inspire adventure and exploration.

8. Motivation Booster

Do you ever have a day when you are thinking, “I’m too tired. I might skip going out today”? Not with an ebike! The thrill of trying something new and exciting can be a significant motivator to get up and head out for a fishing trip or any outdoor activity.


1. Flat Tires

There’s is a possibility that you might encounter a flat on your ebike, especially if you constantly ride through tough terrains. When this happens, the ebikes can be too heavy to be moved around.
There are ways to protect your tires from getting a flat. You could use items like Tanis Armor, Flat-out or Muc-off to prevent or fix flats.
Then again, even if you drive a car, it’s also possible to get a flat, isn’t it?

2. Limited Storage

Storage space on an electric bike is limited, especially when it comes to hauling larger gear such as large coolers. It is something worth considering when you catch a big fish and want to take it. However, you can enhance storage with baskets, racks, crates, backpacks, or trailers.

3. Weather Concerns

Electric bikes are generally water-resistant but not fully waterproof. It’s nearly impossible or very dangerous to get around on an ebike under rains or other bad weathers. From this point of view, it’s not as easy to ride an ebike as to drive a car. But then again, you wouldn’t go fishing under bad weathers, right?

4. Theft Concerns

Ebikes can be attractive targets for thieves, and most ebikes on the market don't typically have an on and off switch for the battery, so a thief could easily switch on your ebike and ride away. Imagine if you are at a distant fishing spot, and somebody steals your ebike. It would be very difficult to go back that day!
So how can we prevent this from happening? You could keep your ebike close when you are fishing, and invest in theft protection and GPS tracking systems to secure your investment. There are a large variety of anti-theft bike gear nowadays, from a simple password bike lock, to GPS tracking devices like Apple Airtag. You could even use a camouflage net to hide your ebike among the trees or bushes!

5. Battery issue

Although ebikes can offer a rather long range, there might be times when you forget to charge your ebike. If you still go for a ride, and the distance ends up being farther than you expect, you’ll be quite likely to run out of battery midway! So the best move is always charge your ebike before going out for a ride, or don’t ride it if the battery’s low!

6. Limited Speed

Ebikes can reach a top speed of 28 mph within the legal limit. Though it’s fast enough, it may not match the speeds of other vehicles, especially on highways. This can limit their use for long-distance travel.


Electric bikes offer a refreshing way to enjoy fishing and the great outdoors. If you would like to embrace ebike fishing too, here are two favorite choices of ebikes from our dear fishers/riders:

HovAlpha fat tire ebike

HovAlpha is the flagship electric bike model by Hovsco. It is perfect for fishers who seek adventure or have to go through tough terrains like gravel or sand.
It’s known for its 26x4 inch fat tires, enabling effortless navigation through diverse terrains like mountain trails, gravel, beaches, snow, mud and grasslands. One of its standout features is the integration of the advanced torque sensor. It ensures a natural and comfortable riding experience like on a real bicycle. With a powerful 750W motor, it offers an astonishing power boost for cycling while complying with the US power limit regulations for electric bicycles in the United States. The astounding 960Wh battery capacity allows for an impressive maximum riding range of up to 80 miles. There is a step-over and step-thru version both available for your preference and fashion choice.

HovBeta foldable fat tire ebike

HovBeta is the foldable ebike of the Hovsco collections. It is perfect for fishers with limited storage space in their house or car.
Like HovAlpha, HovBeta also utilizes a 750-watt motor and the advanced torque sensor, making it compact yet powerful. It has 20x4’’ fat tires, so it is able to tackle soft terrains like sand and snow, and tough terrains like gravel as HovAlpha could. After being folded, it is only 17.32x30.7x33.46” and can easily fit in a 50-gallon tote or any tiny storage compartments.

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