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Do You Know the Types of E-bike Storage Racks?

There are many storage rack options, from stylish wall mounts to freestanding racks to ceiling mounts. The goal is the same: keep your bike off the ground to avoid getting scratches or dirt on it, and position it so that if it falls over, it won't damage the derailleur, spokes, or fork (or injure a young child or animal).

If you have more than two electric bikes at home, it is recommended that you use a professional rack to place them. Here is a basic breakdown of these shelves:

Waterproof Storage Covers for Your Electric Bike

Keeping your e-bike cool and dry will prevent rusting and damage to the electrical components. It is especially important during the cold winter months or periods of rain, snow, ice, or high humidity.

You should store your electric bike between 32F and 68F (0C and 20C).

You can place a cover over your outdoor storage unit if home or garage storage isn't an option. This will keep out as much moisture as possible. A good cover will keep the bike mostly dry. It's possible, however, that moisture will build up inside the cover if there is a lot of humidity. You should check it periodically.

Keep your bike dust-free inside your house by covering it with a light cover. In fact, if you don't mind its appearance, you might even just use a household sheet.


Storage Racks to Hold Your eBike

There are different types of racks for different types of e-bikes, but some aren't as suitable for electric bikes. View these floor racks, wall racks, ceiling rack systems, and outdoor bike sheds to get an idea of what will work for you!

Floor stands are similar to the bike racks you used in grade school; they consist of a long metal bar with vertical slats, but they can only hold one bike. Because they are so simple, they are ideal if you have the floor space. You can put them in garages or even front halls. All you need to do is insert your front or back wheel.

Freestanding rack

A freestanding rack is like a coat rack for bikes and is perfect for garages or other places where you cannot install a wall-mounted rack. They are often designed to hold two bikes, sometimes more, and are easily moved for cleaning, rearranging your garage or moving apartments.

Gravity stands

Gravity stands are designed to be leaning against a flat wall and using the weight of your bike to stabilize the setup. No drilling is necessary. Most can hold two bikes.


Wall mounts 

It is best to use a wall mount if you have limited space and want your bike off the ground. Wall mounts offer the most variety on the market. Simple hooks; hooks and trays; hinges; or horizontal wall mounts are available. As mountain bikes have aggressively angled top tubes, they are a bit difficult to store via the top tube, but some wall-mount racks feature arms that can be adjusted to fit your bike's geometry.

Designer options are available for the in-apartment artwork look. You can either store your bikes vertically by the wheel so they can be lined up in a row, or horizontally by the top tube-and some have integrated lights so you can illuminate your ride, like track lighting in a painting.

Hanging your bike flat against the wall like a piece of art takes up more wall space, but it's much lower-profile than having its wheels protrude into the room.

Ceiling mounts 

If you have several bikes, ceiling mounts are a great option for garages and gear rooms. Storage racks like these take up unused space at the top of a garage and keep bikes out of the way. Your only challenge is if your bike is too heavy for you to lift, or if the ceiling is so high that you need a ladder. You can enlist a friend or family member to help you if you want to use the ceiling rack for off-season storage.

Make sure that you hang the bike far enough down so that you can safely grab it by the frame to take it down. If you are hanging multiple bikes by the wheels, you can alternate front and rear wheel hanging so the handlebars don't interfere with each other.

Hoist bike storage

Hoist bike storage is a nice alternative to standard ceiling racks, and is ideal for high ceilings where you can't reach your bike on a standard hook or mount. By raising your bike up and out of the way, you can free up space in your garage, loft, or closet. These bikes are lifted and lowered with the help of pulley systems. You should measure your ceiling height before going shopping; some only accommodate 12 feet.


E-bikes are heavier, bulkier, and have more parts than a traditional bicycle. Mounting and lifting them will require more caution. They'll also take up a bit more space in your home, so get one of the best e-bike racks to store them!

If you ride an electric bike, you'll also need a safe place to charge the battery. If you ride frequently, you may wish to keep the battery charging near your e-bike. With a standard bike, this isn't an issue.

The larger frame, motor, wider wheels, and battery of an e-bike will also take up more space than a regular bicycle. Thus, it can be difficult to figure out the best storage solution for an e-bike.

Additionally, when looking into electric bike storage solutions, you should always take into account the electrical components and how they need to be stored differently than a standard bike. Cleaning is important, as is proper battery care, and electric components should be handled with caution.

In general, you can store your e-bike anywhere that works for you if you find an efficient solution. While keeping it inside your home is the safest option, you can also store it outdoors under a waterproof cover, on a hanging bike rack strong enough to hold your e-bike, in a garage floor rack, or in a bike shed.

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