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Could We Get Exercise Using E-bikes Same as the Traditional Bicycles

 E-bikes have proven to be an alternative source for travelling from one destination to another! People have been buying e-bikes because of their convenience and value for money.

However, one argument that a lot of people make is that you can get the same amount of exercise on an e-bike compared to traditional bicycles. Well, many people said that you cannot get fit while riding an e-bike throughout the city.

That’s not true! The fact here is that you can get fit while riding your e-bike throughout the city. In the following section we are going to cover the topic: Can we get exercise using e-bikes the same as traditional bicycles? Also, we are going to share some tips with you to achieve the best fitness while riding e-bikes.

We have seen cycling coach and pro rider Tom Bell riding on an electric mountain bike, and he went up to a heart rate of 198 bpm. This clearly shows that you can push yourself hard like a traditional e-bike, but here you might have some assistance. You can turn off that assistance!

This proves that e-bikes can still provide significant workouts with the same as traditional bicycles. The whole experiment had shown that the excellent form of aerobic/cardiovascular exercise engages the mountain bikers, who are actively involved in fitness activities.

There also have been studies done in Utah that have shown the benefits of commuting on an electric hybrid bike. It has been seen that the rider's heart rate has increased on an average of 89% of the heart rate achieved while riding a traditional bicycle. This gives them a good workout. E-bikes have helped to retain the cardiovascular benefits of cycling on a traditional e-bike.

Also, the majority of the participants have shown interest to use e-bikes as their daily mode of transportation to work when compared to a traditional bike.

There’s another study that was done to study the riding patterns of ten thousand e-bike riders and traditional bicycle riders. It was found that e-bike riders used to take long trips, therefore, you have to gain the same amount of physical activity as regular cyclists.

It was found that the e-bike riders were spending long hours on their bikes, even if their intensity was low, there was an improvement in their fitness. This clearly shows the potential of e-bikes in terms of fitness!

So, these were some studies that have shown the benefits of using an electric bike as an ideal choice for improving fitness. Even though the bikes provide a lot of assistance, you can ride for long hours and achieve the same level of health benefits compared to traditional e-bikes.

To help you further, we are going to mention some tips that would help you to achieve the best benefits by riding e-bikes.

Top Four tips to Achieve Maximum Fitness with Your E-bike

  1. Start Slowly:

If you are starting on your e-bike, then you should start slowly. Do not aim to become a pro biker in one day. When you are new to cycling, then your fitness levels are not high! Therefore, you should start with shorter rides on flat surfaces to get an idea of your stamina.

Once you keep riding frequently, then you will experience the benefits! You will start to get an idea about the range that you will get from your e-bike before committing to a ride!

  1. Plan the route:

If you are new to cycling, then you should try the routes that are challenging! Yes, you might have a motor but, you still have to push your limits while pedalling through the terrains.

You can start from roads or trails without over-exerting yourself so that you get the feel of your physical stamina. Also, you would come to know about the levels of assistance provided by your e-bike to support your rides.

  1. Start with lower assistance:

You have to check your stamina at first and to do this, you must select a lower level of assistance, and you will get a better workout on lower assistance. If you are on a flat road, then you can select the lowest resistance level or you can even switch off the motor. If it becomes too difficult for you, then you can opt for a medium level of assistance from your bike.

You Can save the top level of assistance for the toughest of terrains! Using a lower level of assistance will also provide you with an increased range.

  1. Create your recovery plans:

Recovery is important after every workout and you have to make sure that you have a recovery plan for your e-bike rides. Your stamina will improve slowly, whereas a challenging ride might be tiring for you!

Although e-bikes have assistance so you can increase or decrease the assistance based on your fatigue. Creating a balance between the rides will allow you to find the right balance to achieve long-term fitness!

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