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City Girl Turns E-bike Rider

Girls these days are climbing mountains, going onto space expeditions, fighting fires, and achieving feats that were once unavailable to them. Being a part of now every other field one can think of, ebiking is also graced with the powerful presence of women. More and more girls are now taking an active part in ebiking and discovering new meanings of adventure.

So whether you’re a speed lover and want to enjoy the thrill of ebiking through the woods or a smooth glide along the beautiful shorelines against the setting sun, there is an e-bike for all your adventure needs.

E-bikes are not just a sign of women's empowerment or not just associated with women's success stories rather they are adding up ease in people’s lives be it man or woman. They are easy, friendly, advanced with powered battery features, and also come with strong gear technologies to control speed throughout the journey.

Read on to discover different types of ebikes that best suit your upcoming biking expedition.


Benefits of E-Biking:

1- Peddle it up!

E-bikes are usually battery assisted which makes them power e-cycle and come with easy peddling. These peddle are assembled with a powerful battery which makes it easier for bicyclers to push peddles with just one slight push. When a biker pushes a peddle, a motor connected with peddles brings the cycle into motion and it starts without much effort from the cycler. These smooth peddles let the bikers easily move to the top of the hill and travel to the patchiest areas.

2- Fast and furious ride but safe!

In conventional bikes, bikers cannot ride fast and smoothly as the harder they push, the more energy is consumed; however, in e-bikes the harder the biker pedals, the bigger is the boost.

E-bikers go very fast to a certain limit, which gives them an edge over normal bikes and makes them a good choice among conventional cycles. As the biker pushes the pedal, the bike catches speed and goes very fast but at a certain point, their speed becomes monotonous according to the capacity of the power battery attached to pedals. Control of e-bike speed is beneath two switches where it speeds up from eco (low) to turbo (high).

3- No expiry on riding

A normal biker rides 100 trips in a week, getting e-bikes can dramatically increase the number of trips since e-bike starts with a single push, and even if a rider is very fit, the conventional biker can get tired. As per the survey, in North America, there are 1800 people who own e-bikes, and more than 50% to 55% ride daily or weekly. A conventional biker has 100 trips weekly, an e-biker rides 200 trips in a week since it speeds up bikers' speed and makes it easier for bikers without cracking legs.

4- Carry big and ride on!

Name a type of ride, and there’s an e-bike available for that. If you are carrying stuff that cannot be carried in an e-bike or you don’t like a small or slim e-bike, you can get high capacity e-cargo, yes, it can carry stuff up to 400 lbs while maintaining a speed of 15 mph.

5- Who needs a car?

More and more people are shifting from cars to e-bikes as they reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance expense of cars. As per the survey, people are buying e-bikes to avoid buying conventional cars, avoid traffic or air pollution, avoid paying taxes, or avoid high fuel costs. Above all e-bikes are hassle-free as they are more riders friendly and safe with a joyous journey to the destination.

6- Flex those muscles

E-bikers get extra advantage of good health by improving their cardiovascular fitness and sugar and blood pressure normal. Normal car users increase their obesity by lack of fitness or lack of exercise. Normal bikers keep it’s his or her health fit by riding on usual trips weekly and e-biker bikes for around 40 minutes three days a week they improve their cardiovascular health, sugar level, and also blood pressure as per Colorado university research. As per research, many people are not lucky enough to maintain their fitness and health through normal exercise, however, if these people are put on e-bike and they go along it for an hour at least, they can get a significant change in their health and fitness.

Some best features of E-Bike:

Motor placements: electric motors including mid-drive motors, front hub motors, rear hub motors, and all-in-one-wheel motors help bikers to climb steep hills, ride on dirty, uneven, rocky roads, and reach high speeds on flat roads.

Powered peddle: Electric bikes come with two types of powered peddles, torque sensor peddle and cadence sensor peddle which measures the force exerted on peddles and nonstop power to peddles to give it a smooth start also smooth speed.

State-of-the-art positioning guide: All adult electric bikes are designed on an absolute state-of-the-art model which not just provides optimum speed in fact also LED flashlights to move around at night or becomes helpful in rough areas.

Examples of E-bikes:

HovAlpha 26" Electric Fat Bike

Hovalpha runs on a powered 960 WH Samsung or LG battery with a flashlight that gives it good push or starts along with a flashlight feature that makes it absolutely rider-friendly for night rides as well. Its 750-watt brushless gear hub motor makes it easy for bikers to change gears fast and control the speed of the bike.

HovRanger 27.5" Electric Bike For Adults

This electric bike comes with a 720 WH Samsung or LG battery with a flashlight with a 500 W gear hub motor along with a sleek design which is an absolutely fully integrated battery design. This e-bike is specially designed for adults. This bike is adult or old-age people-friendly with its controlled speed and also smooth gears supported by powered batteries.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 EQ

Light and fun bike to rip around the neighborhood or for regular use. It has a battery capacity of 250 watts hours. Its light build makes it the best fit for riding along the streets run your daily errands.

Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0

Comes with super amazing power delivery and excellent tech features. The comfortable riding position deserves brownie points for letting the rider be at utmost ease. It has been titled as all-purpose by many experts for its make. The impressive range of 90 miles makes it one of the best e-bikes in town.

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