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Are There Other Storage Solutions for Ebike?

You may need more space than a seat pack, handlebar bag, or frame bag can provide, depending on the length of your trip and what gear you'll be bringing along. It's also hard to get into and out of those packs for a quick snack or to grab your camera when you're on the go. You can choose from stem bags, top tube bags, bottle cages, cargo cages, and backpacks.

Other bikepacking storage options include:

  • Stem bags: These small pouches attach behind your handlebar, usually to the handlebar and/or stem with a couple hook-and-loop strips. While riding, they provide a convenient place to store and access small items, such as snacks, water, a phone, and sunglasses.
  • Top tube bags: Usually a tad bigger than stem bags, top tube bags attach to the top of your top tube, behind your head tube or in front of your seat post. They are great for holding small items you want to access while pedaling, just like stem bags. If you're shopping for a bag, consider factors such as storage volume and how the bag will fit on your bike. Make sure the bag will not interfere with your pedaling.
  • Bottle cages: Standard bottle cages are nothing new, but they are key for carrying water while bikepacking. They attach to threaded fittings on the seat tube and/or down tube of most bikes, providing storage for standard-size bike bottles. Some bikes designed specifically for bikepacking come with fittings on the fork and/or underside of the down tube as well. In case your bike does not have these, you can secure a cage with hose clamps from the hardware store.
  • Cargo cages: These look a lot like bottle cages, but are designed to carry gear or larger water bottles instead of standard bike bottles. Most of them go on your bike's fork, but some can also go on the down tube and/or seat tube. Check how the cage attaches to your bike and make sure it will fit yours. Some cargo cages require a 3-hole mounting pattern, which you can find on some bikepacking forks.
  • Backpacks: While many bikepackers try to avoid riding with a backpack, sometimes it’s necessary in order to carry all your essential gear. Avoid putting a lot of weight on your back for your comfort. In addition to a hydration reservoir, some riders carry clothing, a sleeping pad, and even a tent in their packs. To maintain comfort while riding, use a lightweight pack that holds no more than 20 liters.
These are just some of the storage solutions available; bikepacking pack makers are constantly developing new, innovative methods of storing gear. Search for what's out there and you might find another type of pack to solve all your storage problems.

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