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Are E-bike Batteries Dangerous in Summer?

Do you worry about keeping your electric bike maintained in the summer? Are you concerned about the temperature as it increases?  All of your questions are answered by us!

Rising temperatures typically lead to the need to consider ways to preserve the health of your EV's battery for a more comfortable ride. Here are some tips for managing your electric cars as the temperature rises.

Summer Battery Advice for Your Electric Bike

Here are some suggestions for maintaining your battery this summer so you can keep riding.

  • Protection from direct sunlight

Although you might enjoy basking in the sun, your battery is less enthusiastic. Don't expose it to the sun for more than an hour. Even though we always advise storing your bike indoors, if it is not possible, remove the battery and keep it out of the sun, away from dirt, debris, extreme heat, and corrosive household items.

Always keep your battery out of the sun's rays and extreme heat when it's time to charge it. Find a place inside that is shaded and between 50 and 77 degrees. The lifespan of your battery can be extended with these easy steps. Extreme temperatures can prematurely reduce the capacity of the parts that generate the power for your ebike.

  • Avoid riding in extreme heat

Avoid riding your e-bike when the temperature is above 113 °F to maintain the health of your battery and its range per charge. Like many electronic devices, including the majority of cell phones, your battery will shut off when excessive heat is detected. If this occurs to you, don't become alarmed. When the internal temperature exceeds 140 °, this takes place as part of its typical protection controls. It must cool down before being used normally again. Bring the battery inside and leave it there for about an hour. The recommended temperature range is between 50 and 77 °F.

  • Avoid salt and saltwater

Salt is highly electrically conductible and has corrosive qualities. As a result, we advise against using your ebike in places like the middle of the beach where you might come into contact with salt and salt water.

However, there are precautions you can take to help minimize any harm to your bike or battery if you do come across salt or saltwater. Make sure the connections are dry and clean, remove the battery, and clean the battery case and battery tray with a fresh, dry rag. After cleaning the bike frame and mechanical parts with a clean cloth dampened with fresh water, let them completely dry before reinstalling the battery. Regular maintenance, such as lubricating your chain, is always crucial, but it should be carried out more frequently when exposed to salt or saltwater is a possibility.

  • Regular battery inspection

Make sure the battery is only warm to the touch during charging and not hot, which is likely a sign of damage. Before you ride, you should inspect the battery terminals for rust and make sure it is securely fastened to the frame.

Always buy the appropriate replacement battery for your model if your battery does need to be replaced. Utilizing different batteries or chargers from the manufacturer could cause the battery to charge too quickly or lose capacity. Your battery may experience problems as a result of excessive heat, including severe, permanent damage.

For your summer rides, dressing appropriately will add comfort and protection. Cotton is a good material choice for hot days because it is light and airy. But the market is flooded with breathable synthetic materials that keep sweat from building up.

Purchase a quality set of cycling gloves. They absorb the sweat, keeping your hands dry. By enabling you to keep a firm grip on the handlebars throughout your ride, gloves increase your safety. Additionally, some gloves have padded palms that provide additional comfort by isolating your hands from vibration.

  • Cycling Plan

Even though unplanned cycling trips are frequent in the summer, preparation is always necessary. Check the forecast for the weather first. Summertime weather can be quite erratic in some parts of the world. You can take the appropriate clothing and equipment, for instance, by being aware of whether rain is forecast.

Pro-tip for trips: Remove the battery before mounting yours to a bike rack or putting it in a truck bed to provide additional protection from the elements. Doing so also saves about 7 pounds of bike weight. Store your battery in our brand-new Battery Travel Case for added security; it has space for your battery, charger, and a spare set of keys.

  • Don't charge an electric vehicle in the sun.

Avoid letting your electric car charge for an extended period of time in the sun. Charging your cars in the shade is preferable because charging them in direct sunlight for extended times can damage the batteries.

These parking spaces will shield your car from the intense heat as well as during the rainy season. So it might be a long-term investment for you. The lower the maintenance costs will be over the course of using your E-Bike, the longer the battery life.

are e-bike batteries dangerous in summer

How Does A Fire Rise?

The most popular type of batteries, lithium-ion batteries, power electric bikes. Additionally, there are two variations of these lithium-ion batteries: LFP and NMC. Since LFP (lithium ferrophosphate) has a thermal runaway threshold of 270 degrees Fahrenheit versus 150 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively, it is more stable than NMC (nickel manganese cobalt).

NMC batteries have a longer range than LFP batteries because they are denser. These batteries are more susceptible to failure, though, because of their lower thermal runaway threshold.  When that occurs, the battery's temperature increases, energy is released, and the temperature rises once more, leading to an endless cycle of temperature increases and, eventually, a fire.

Summing Up

The best time of year to ride an electric bike is in the summer. You'll have memorable experiences from this season and avoid mishaps from happening if you pay attention to the advice in this article.

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