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All About Electric Bike Service and Maintenance in 2022

E-bikes are better than traditional scooters because they provide green transportation and health benefits at a lower cost of operation. We have covered everything you need to know about the maintenance and servicing of e-bikes. Make sure to read through.  

Today we can witness advancements in multiple industry sectors such as pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, etc. But, one of the most debated topics is pollution from the standard fossil fuel-run cars. This led to a huge demand for an environmentally friendly alternative for daily commutes. Then came electric bikes!


Ever since the inception of the idea to develop an e-bike(electronic bike), the idea became immensely popular. It was a clean & environment-friendly alternative for transportation. As a result, we can see people zipping through the streets on their e-bikes.


It is the biggest adoption of green transportation over the past few years. E-bikes have replaced the traditional petrol scooters that people used for daily city commutes. E-bikes are better than traditional scooters because they provide green transportation and health benefits at a lower cost of operation.


Still, there are many questions that people have regarding the service and maintenance of e-bikes. Some of the questions are:


  • “Do we have to replace the batteries at regular intervals?”
  • “What would be the estimated service cost for an e-bike for servicing?”
  • “Are e-bikes high maintenance?”
  • “How much servicing does an e-bike need?”


Well, if you also have such questions in your mind regarding e-bikes, then make sure that you read through the entire blog!


We have covered everything you need to know about the maintenance and servicing of e-bikes.


Electric Bike Service and Maintenance 2022: What You Must Know


To give a one-sentence answer, I can say that “Electric bikes do not need high maintenance”. There are some simple tips that you can follow to increase the lifespan of your e-bike.


Service & Maintenance of E-Bikes


Nobody wants unnecessary trips to the dealer, and you can avoid the same with your e-bikes as well. The first and the most basic tip is to keep your bike clean. The best practice would be to clean it after every ride with specific cleaners.


Do not use high-pressure washers as they might push out the grease from the wheels. Also, with high-pressure washers, there are chances that the water might enter into the small gaps of the bike’s body, which can lead to rusting.


The majority of the bikes come with an extra layer of protective paint that might get damaged, when exposed to the high-pressure washer.


Keep your chain lubricated with a good quality chain oil. You can do wet lube in the winter and dry lube in the summary. For a dry lube, The best practice would be to use a light spray that leaves a PTFE(Teflon) layer.


Wet lube can lead to more dust that gets stuck to the chain. Therefore, keep your bike in a dry place without any exposure to dust particles. Always keep your tires inflated, otherwise it might lead to uneven wear & tear on the tires. Uneven wear and tear on tires create additional resistance that makes the motor do more work. Proper inflation might lead to less friction and help you get the desired range.


Note: For adequate tire pressure, always check with an e-bike brand or dealer.





Most of the bike motors are sealed and you cannot service them, and it is the best decision to replace them instead of repairing them. However, there are some tips that you can follow to prolong the life of your e-bike battery.


Never leave out your e-bike battery in the shining sun or leave it in the cold when not in use. The majority of the e-bike battery problems come when people do not care about their battery. They leave it out carelessly and then expect it to work every time.  


The majority of the e-bike batteries are manufactured using lithium cells. It is suggested that your batteries are always topped up. It does not matter how long you use the e-bike or the distance you travel. You should make it a habit to charge your batteries at regular intervals. In case you see that your battery efficiency is deteriorating, then you can visit a good e-bike shop for the same.


Modern battery packs come with a BMS(Battery Management system) because some cells unbalance over some time. But, we recommend that you visit a reputable ebike shop for any problem regarding the battery management system.


What if the e-bike has electric faults?

In case you start to experience some electric faults, then you must contact your e-bike dealer directly.


Do not try to do anything by yourself, & do not take out any electrical parts. Do not remove any plastic covers because you might damage any internal part that might violate the warranty terms


In case you decide to do it yourself, then it is always good to lay parts in the order you had removed them. By doing this you will have an idea about how to put it back together. Also, make sure to check all your electrical connectors. During riding in rough terrains, there might be an electrical connector that might be loose, so you just need to put it back in place.


Also, you can check that all your connections are clean & without any corrosion. Many modern e-bikes have diagnostics that show the problems in the e-bike system. Just like a car, an e-bike is equipped to show all kinds of faults.


However, it is always best that you take your bike to a skilled e-bike repair shop/technician.


Summing Up

E-bikes have come a long way, and they are a green mode of transportation. E-bikes have become more and more reliable, as the issues in e-bikes have become minimal over time. But, still, there is servicing and maintenance required, as explained in the above section.


Make sure that you keep all the above information in mind to keep your e-bike in the best condition!

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