A Quick Guide To Electric Bike Pedal Assist: For A Smooth Ride HOVSCO

A Quick Guide To Electric Bike Pedal Assist: For A Smooth Ride

So you are planning to buy your first e-bike? Or Did you just buy your first e-bike? Well, congratulations, you have made the right decision to buy an eco-friendly mode of transportation for yourself.

Now, you must understand how your e-bike works because it looks similar to your normal bicycle. But, there is a difference between your electric bike and a normal bike and the main difference here is the electric motor.

The electric motor comes with power and torque to keep you moving through the toughest of terrains without sweating. There are different modes i.e. pure EV mode and the pedal assist mode.

As understood, the pure EV mode is when the bike is running 100% on battery power. Whereas, on the pedal assist mode, the battery will power your e-bike whenever you need it!

The pedal assist mode was created to increase the range, and you can go long distances without any hassle. Also, there are different modes available in the pedal assist that you can choose as per your requirement.

To get the best value from your e-bike investment, you now learn about using the pedal assist mode and how to make the most out of it.  


A Quick Guide to Electric Bike Pedal Assist for a Smooth Ride:    

Different e-bikes come with different levels of pedal assist to suit the requirements of all riders and fulfil their purpose.

In general, we can say that an e-bike will have high levels of pedal assist based on the surface or terrain. For example, an offroad bike will have more levels of pedal assist to tackle the challenges compared to a city commuter e-bike.

Although the levels of pedal assist also depend on the power and torque provided by the electric motor. Most modern e-bikes come with sensors such as torque sensors that evenly distribute the power through the journeys.

To make it easier for you we are going to mention the pedal assist and how you can use the same for a smooth ride. To take as an example, we are going to mention our Hovsco E-bike collection, where we offer 7 levels of pedal assist and how we can use the same.

Hovsco e-bikes come with a torque sensor that helps to distribute and channelise the power to the wheels.

Understanding the levels of pedal assist:

We can understand the levels of pedal assist with incrementing order, where the power increases along with the level of pedal assist.

The first level of pedal assist provides power enough to move along the way. This is the first level of power that is enough for cruising through the city.

Here power increases gradually along with the level of electric pedal assist. Now, as obvious as it is you can understand that the level 7 power would provide you with the peak power of the motor. This is ideal if you are stuck or you are going uphill.

Now, understanding the level of pedal assist was simple, but you must also understand the impact of pedal assist on your e-bike’s battery. In the following section, we are going to mention the battery consumption of different pedal assists and how you can make the most out of it!

Pedal Assist System: How does it impact your range and battery

Different levels of pedal assist consume batteries in response to the amount of power and torque provided. For example, the first level of pedal assist would consume less battery compared to the higher level of pedal assist consuming a lot of battery.  

When the pedal assist mode will consume more battery, then it will reduce your range. So, how do you use the pedal assist system to get the best range and get adequate power as well?

Well, you have to practice with the e-bike. If you ride on bumpy roads with a lot of obstacles, then you can go for the higher levels of pedal assist to keep moving.

The majority of the e-bike brands provide the pedal assist level indicator along with the expected range depending on the battery levels.

Summing up

This was our blog regarding the pedal assist system and how you can make the best out of it! The pedal is an essential feature that you must have in your e-bike, it will help you to go smoothly through your journey without any extra effort.

We also recommend that you consult with your e-bike manufacturer, and dealer to know the best practices to use the pedal assist system. Using the pedal assist system properly will help you to get the maximum range.

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