A Beginners Guide to Moutain E-bikes HOVSCO

A Beginner’s Guide to Moutain E-bikes

Riding an e-mountain bike or an e-MTB is one of the most thrilling experiences of one’s life. Companies have gotten good at producing high-performance, rugged e-MTBs that allow the riders to push limits and feel an adrenaline rush. People think riding an e-MTB is a difficult exercise however with a few modifications to the riding style, the ride can be made thrilling and enjoyable. For instance, the rider might need to ride the pedal-assist dynamo differently compared to a standard non-electric bike.

The rider needs to pick the right bike and the ride trails. E-MTBs allows the riders to go on steeper trails and longer trails. The riders can even ride the trail more than once as the e-MTB is doing much of the work for the ride, causing minimal fatigue. A standard bike rider needs to consider a few points while switching to electric mountain bikes.


Ride at High Cadence

Benefit: Effective hill climbing and extended battery life

One of the greatest advantages of an e-MTB is enhanced torque. When the rider spins the crank arm at a higher cadence, the pedal-assist motor delivers greater torque and hill climbing becomes easier. While a standard bike rider can produce an average of 32 to 40 revolutions per minute, an e-MTB rider can double that number reaching up to 70 revolutions per minute. A higher cadence will help the rider navigate steep parts of the trail more effectively while improving the battery life.

Be Careful with the Pedal Strikes!

While speeding downhill, it is common for gravel, rocks, and roots to catch the bottom of the pedal on a downstroke. This means the rider needs to reduce the speed at some sections of the trail to avoid falls. Most standard bike riders use a ratcheting motion where the pedal is spun back as soon as the leading pedal levels with the rear pedal. Luckily, e-MTBs have a much shorter crank arm compared to conventional bikes. These shorter cranks allow the rider to maintain a higher cadence while staying clear of roots.

Optimize the Power Usage

Using the bike always in the high power mode drains the batteries faster. While it is more fun to ride a bike on full power setting, the advised method is to use the turbo modes for the steepest patches on the trail. The turbo mode might be too overwhelming for most riders. It is advised that the riders experiment with various power settings and get a feel of which setting works best at each level of the trail.

Anticipate More; Brake Early!

E-bikes are heavier compared to standard bikes. To give an idea, the HovRanger Moutain e-Bike has an estimated weight of 80lbs. To compensate for the added weight and faster cadence, the rider has to brake early ahead of turns. This adds greater thrill as the acceleration and deceleration are both greater compared to standard bikes. Even amazing is the fact that the rider can carry greater speed at the turns and lean to a greater degree due to higher cadence. The pedalling assistance in HovRanger bikes slows when the rider pedals slower and when the pedalling stops, the assistance also stops. On the downside, the rider needs to be always mindful of maintaining good momentum while approaching a steep section.

Master the Jumps

A standard bike is lighter compared to an e-MTB. Riders need to be mindful of the fact that the e-MTBs have lesser air time. This means that these bikes follow the contours of the ground more closely and remain grounded with a firm grip. When you jump on an e-MTB, you drop more quickly. Some riders see this as a positive as greater weight equals greater traction.

Some Basic e-MTB Tips for Beginners

Shifting from a standard bike to an e-MTB requires an attitude shift. The extra electric boost can help the riders realize adventures previously unexplored. Riders, however, need to integrate a few aspects for optimizing the battery life for a more pleasurable experience.

How to Climb Steep Hills and Conserve Power?

While climbing, the riders need to start with low gear and stay consistent with the cadence. The goal should be to reach 80 to 100 rpm for excellent motor efficiency. If the rider achieves 90 rpm or more while climbing, the battery’s degradation is significantly lesser. Riders should try to remain seated in the saddle for greater traction and shift weight towards the nose while climbing steep slopes.

How to Brake Riding Downhill?

Before hitting the trails, it is best advised to check the brakes. E-MTBs have a lower center of gravity and it is advised to shift the center of gravity higher up when braking. If the front brakes are pressed too hard, the front wheel will lock and the bike can either topple over or slip sideways.

E-MTB riders need to develop the habit of keeping a close eye on the battery meter. Before setting on a long trip, it is advised to recharge the bike to the maximum. When entering steep downhill slopes, it is better to switch off the bike and allow regenerative braking to accumulate some charge.

Enjoy the Experience of a Life-Time with HovRanger Moutain E-Bike

If you are looking to get optimum performance on the trails, opt for the HovRanger Moutain e-Bike which is designed specifically to perform exceptionally well on rugged terrains. The HovRanger comes equipped with a powerful 500W upgraded brushless motor that can produce an amazing 65Nm of torque. The Brushless gear hub motor will allow you to glide through the rocky trails smoothly. HOVSCO went a step further with the proprietary geared-hub engine while paired with excellent hydraulic brakes for maximum stopping power. The 48V, 15Ah batteries have a charging time of under 5 hours and the HovRanger can double up as a long-lasting city commute bike. The estimated range is between 40 to 60 miles, depending upon the amount of assistance required by the rider.

For riders looking to navigate the trails at night, the bike comes equipped with a powerful LED strip light. A rear light is added along with a back-lit LCD which provided all the vital information to the rider. The 27.5" by 2.25" Chaoyang Tires are improved for extra protection against thorns, glass or sharp rocks. To support the extra weight, the tyre has improved traction and actively prevents slipping on gravel.

The HovRanger’s best feature is the built-in torque sensor that optimizes the motor’s power output, for a smoother, natural-feeling pedal assist. HovRanger now has a discounted price tag of $1,799 and this versatile bike can be ordered from HOVSCO’s website.

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