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5 Tips for Longer Range on Electric Bikes

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When you want to ride for a long time, the most important key component is the battery of your electric bike. An e-bike battery from a well-respected trademark will stay more than a thousand charges if appropriately looked after. So You want to keep the battery in proper shape. So in this article, we have explained the best E-bicycle tips to help your e-bike battery live a long life. So let’s started with the pro tips for the maintenance of e-bicycle.

1. Stick To Your Service Schedule And Use The Right Mode At The Right Time

The fundamental key to maintaining a long-lasting battery is to Stick with the service schedule of your e-bike. You must bring your e-bike in for a service every eight months, although a timeless often would be adequate if you are not riding your bike every day.

Are you eager about pedal assist? Some e-bicycles have both options made into the motor.

When to move along with your pedal power and get the engine to do the work, you know the motor has made a great effort. When you apply more pressure, you’ll need to mention all the extra charging involved. Go straightforward on the boost for a longer-lasting battery. Make sure pedaling and riding smoothly instead of haphazardly will enhance the longevity of your battery.

2. Create A Safe Charging Station And Don’t Regularly Fully Discharge Your Battery

Lithium batteries are the most common e-bike battery type that isn’t designed to be ultimately charged or discharged. Most e-bikes desire to charge between 20-80% of the maximum capacity, but some high-powered e-bikes, such as the Tern GSD, have a 30-60% suggested recharge range.

The meaning is that you will only reach up to 80% of your potential maximum range, but the benefit is your expensive battery would not need to be replaced for many years to come. You will create a safe charging station by grabbing a light timer when you set it and forget it.

You have no other choice; I suggest charging your battery before it drops below 20%. You would not allow your battery to run flat on the strange occasion it will not kill it outright. Avoid fully discharging your battery to keep your bicycle power in tip-top shape as often as possible.

3. Stay Away From Extreme Temperatures And Check Tire Pressure

Extreme cold or hot temperatures will break the performance of your bike battery. If you want to extend your electric bicycle battery life, avoid high temperatures because batteries don’t like getting too hot or cold. Store your bike in a cool and dry place, preferably with plenty of ventilation, because Lithium batteries like cooler temperatures and the lithium powder increase resistance in colder conditions.

Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight and stuffy storage units that bake in the summer sun. Warmer temps make the battery discharge faster. The recommended temperatures for storing your batteries are between 32-77℉.

Having the proper tire stress is also powerful for the normal functioning of your e-bike battery. Cycling or riding on hard and firm surfaces such as on a paved road with excessively little air in the tires increases friction, and you quickly lose speed. Therefore, you should make sure before riding and check that you have enough force in your tires. Off-road, the correlation is precisely the reverse. Especially when e-mountain biking, descending air pressure is necessary to transmit power from the drive to the ground. You can see the standard tire pressure on your e-bike tire before riding. If you have any questions, ask a specialist dealer who will be happy to advise you.

4. Store The Battery Indoors

Take the battery at room temperature and only insert it before you want to set it off. This is because an e-bike battery likes to work in a temperature range of ten to twenty-five degrees. Do not forget to take the battery with you to the warming place during working hours or longer lunch breaks.

  • Charge Properly & Keep It Smooth

The outside temperature must be suitable for the power stores to charge correctly. It is best not to start charging until the battery has reached room temperature. Charge or recharge it whenever it has a ten-percent charge.

So look forward when you ride and maintain a stable pedal frequency. Smooth and continuous pressure on the pedals provides a constant signal to the motor, increasing your e-bike battery range and saving energy.

  • Keep The Battery Dry

A moist battery is a lifeless battery, so try to keep your battery dry every time. It’s ok sometimes to brief ride through the rain, but you need to avoid storing your bike anywhere moist.

If condensation is dripping from the roof or mold is growing on the walls, it is not a perfect place you want to store an e-bike long-term.

  • Store Your Battery At 60%

If you want to take some rest and do not plan to ride your e-bicycle for more than a few weeks, charge or discharge it to 60% before placing it away. Lithium batteries like sitting inactive at 60% level to last much longer. Be sure to top it up every three months because the battery will slowly discharge on its own over time.

  • Avoid Non-Standard Chargers

When you lose or break your battery charger, don’t be drawn to change it with a cheap company charger. Operating the wrong type of charger will devalue your battery at lightning speed and, in some chances, may even destroy it outright.

Installing an official charger to your battery will save you stacks of cash in the long run.

Winter temperatures may damage an e-bike battery because the ions of the lithium-ion battery move in a dense electrolyte. The electrolyte becomes even thicker with decreasing temperatures. This eventually results in the battery supplying less energy than at average temperatures.

5. Take It Down A Gear And  Offload Heavy Items

You are often drawn to relax and pedal-less or slower with the motor running. However, when you pedal at a higher frequency, the efficiency of the e-bike motor keeps enhancing quickly. So, you need to shift down a gear and pedal faster, and extend the range of your e-bike’s battery.

Heavy bags and additional loads affect the range of your e-bike battery. If you load havier the shorter range, you cover hardly. So before you start your riding, think carefully about repacking your backpack or bag, leaving heavy items.

We hope you understand the electric bike charging tips for a more extended range if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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