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5 Reasons Why People Are Satisfied With Electric Bike

Do you like movies?
Wait, what do you do for fun indoors if you don't like watching?
I can't visualize how boring your life must be!
If you’re a sci-fi fan, you have probably seen those sleek, sexy vehicles that always look new, less bulky, and non-smoky.
Well, those electric automobiles are the future sustainable modes of transport. As we speak, some countries in Southeast Asia have already taken the lead in electric bikes.
Since the coronavirus pandemic made its first appearance, the market for electric bikes has been booming so much that some electric vehicle consultants like Edward Benjamin predict skyrocketing sales of ebikes in the US to over one million this 2022.
In Europe, electric bikes are expected to out space gas and electric cars within the next ten years. The imports of these bikes are also expected to rise in the US and the UK.
These statistics make us question why people seem satisfied with electric bikes compared to other automobiles.
Please, don’t think that this electrifying popularity has not been a flash in the pan. Electric bikes have been out since the 19th century.
However, the five reasons below explain why people consider electric bikes the most feasible mode of transport.


1)Electric Bikes Are Great Alternatives to Cars

They Promote a Nature-Friendly Lifestyle
Do you know how severe the impacts of global warming can be?
Some things are better seen than heard. People from Africa and the UK can better explain how climate change has affected them, especially in 2022.
The number-one course of global warming is greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants. They blanket the earth and trap the sun’s heat, causing climate change.
Sadly, the major contributors to these greenhouse gases are motor vehicles, which burn thousands of gasoline, emitting thousands of CO2 into the atmosphere.
On the good side, electric bikes are far more sustainable. They emit lower pollutants per kilometre compared to other automobiles.
When people use bikes as their primary mode of transport, they cut down on pollution; hence, improving the air standard and consequently saving the planet!
They Eliminate Traffic Congestion
Have you ever travelled in rush hours?
You will regret every second you will be wasting on the road unless you don’t aspire to be the Bill Gates or Elon Musk of tomorrow.
Tell us, how will you feel about being fired from work because you reported a few seconds late? Even worse, you miss a contract because of being unpunctual?
Anger, pain, disillusionment, and confusion may indeed be an understatement.
Most people are clinging to electric bikes because you can easily maneuver them through agitating traffic jams to reach your destination faster. They can also easily be ridden on sidewalks and bike lanes and cut across parks.
Remember, time is money. And time wasted can never be recovered. So, the struggle to make every second count is what makes people love electric bikes.

2)Ebikes are More Flexible and Convenient than Regular Bikes

They are faster for Short- to Medium-Distance Journeys
The approximate speed an average cyclist can cycle a regular bicycle is 10-12mph. However, electric bikes can move faster, up to 20mph, because of the motorized pedalling assistance.
So, if your place of work is a few miles away from your residence, you can conveniently commute faster without the fear of getting stuck in traffic.
And do you have some groceries to shop for, mail to pick, or pets to take on a trip?
How can you make such activities fun?
I bet you already know what we’re about to say!
People love electric bikes for running quick errands because they are fun to ride. Their pedal-assist modes also make riding easy. Besides, the shopping baskets in some electric bikes make carrying loads easy-breezy.
They Eliminate a Sweaty Commute
It's everyone's dream to reach their destination all fresh and clean as they leave their houses, not covered with a pool of sweat. I think that's why people prefer electric bikes to conventional ones.
How is that possible?
Electric bikes are effortless to ride. You will not have to agonize about ruining your clothes and makeup with sweat. Your only biggest job will be enjoying that smooth ride!
They are Foldable
Are you looking to transfer your bike to the metro?
Do you have less storage space for a bicycle?
What about parking space?
With electric bikes, none of these questions can cause you distress.
Unlike regular bicycles and other automobiles, electric bikes can fold compactly to suitcase size. Therefore, you can easily carry them on public transport, park them beside your office desk, and even store them in a wardrobe.
This transport and storage flexibility also assures the security of the ebike because it will always be right beside you.

3)Electric Bikes are Easy to Ride

If I Can Ride It, You Can Ride It!
All electric bikes come with a motor to provide pedalling assistance to the rider. You can ride them on pedal only, full throttle, or pedal-assist mode, depending on the bike's model and, of course, your preference.
Whether you are of age or a newbie to bicycling, electric bikes will get you on track with no hassle. You can also go for longer rides without getting exhausted.

4)Electric Bikes are Easy on Your Wallet

They Cut Back on Expenses
With the current fuel inflation, how much, on average, will you spend on fueling your car? Can this price compare to charging the battery of an electric bike?
Not at all!
Besides gas expenses, how can you compare the extra parking and expensive insurance you have to pay for your car?
You already know my answer! But we’d like to know yours in the comments section :)
Yes, electric bikes may be a bit costly to acquire. However, their transportation cost is nothing like that of other automobiles.
They are Economic to Customize
Custom-made decals for electric bikes are inexpensive and easy to find. And since the bikes have small perimeters, it won’t cost much to pimp them entirely.
They are Cheap to Maintain
Cars and motorcycles need regular servicing because even short journeys add wear and tear to the consumable parts like brakes, chains, tires, brake pads, etc. Besides, the more the mileage, the higher the mileage-related servicing costs.
On the other side of the coin, an electric bike's upkeep cost is almost exact to that of a regular bicycle, which is close to nothing. You can also do more miles with your ebike with less service.

5)Electric Bikes Promote Physical and Mental Wellness

Do you think riding an electric bike for fitness is cheating?
It’s not!
We do not deny that electric bikes are effortless to ride, especially in full throttle mode.
However, the amount of calories you can burn in a single ebike ride with pedal assist mode is comparable to when riding a traditional bike. You'll also exert less stress on your joints and muscles, so your recovery time for the next activity will be much shorter.
And for those living a sedentary lifestyle, getting to experience a change in scenery, fresh outside air, and nature with electric bike rides improves their mood, sleep, and productivity and reduces stress and anxiety.
You don’t need gyms or morning runs to feel like you’re doing justice to your physical and mental self.
However, if you’d like to ride for exercise, then use the pedal-assist mode. You will achieve the same results! That’s why these bikes have received much love from people.
Are Electric Bikes Worth the Hype?
If you have read this article continuously up to this point, it will be outrageous for you to say "NO'' confidently.
Despite the high cost of purchasing electric bikes and the license required to operate some of them on busy roads, it’s safe to say they are worth every penny.
Get your electric bike today from HOVSCO and experience the touch of royalty!

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