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5 Reasons EBikes Are a Game-Changer for Commuting

With each day passing, the popularity of electric bicycles rises. Things are still quite hot if it's all right to claim something like that. Once the pandemic was over and the so-called "bike boom" came to an end, most people thought that the appeal of e-bikes would abruptly decline. Needless to say, that didn't happen: people are eager to buy themselves e-bikes. There's a good reason why that's so: e-bikes are the best way you can commute to (and from) your workplace. Doing something to support a healthy and active lifestyle is clearly better than being stuck inside your car or relying on the means of public transportation. In the article below, we'll show you the reasons why e-bikes are a game-changer for commuting. Therefore, stay tuned!


Reason #1: Safety first

Now, of course, speed isn't the only thing that's important about riding an e-bike. Safety is equally, if not more important, than getting from point A to point B in the fastest manner. If you're sporting the right kind of gear and the correct precautions, your everyday ride to and from work can be much safer than riding your car or using public transportation. Just make sure you always wear your helmet (a well-fitting one). Also, make yourself visible to others around you: your lights and reflectors should be on even during the day. Lastly, you can also opt for some high-vis clothing. We're talking about anything that's neon or reflective. Basically, anything that can catch anyone's eye.

Reason #2: It's great exercise

Even though an e-bike is undoubtedly more comfortable and easier to ride than a regular bicycle, it's not like you can't enjoy a good workout with it. Numerous studies have proven that riding an e-bike is a fantastic cardio workout that will boost your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Also, let's try not to forget about the pedaling motion that builds the muscles in your legs. This so-called low-impact exercise especially targets hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves (it won't put additional stress on delicate joints such as knees or ankles).

Reason #3: They're very easy to use

Needless to say, if you know how to ride a regular bicycle, you'll know how to use an e-bike. For instance, the gear shifts are exactly the same in both bike types. The biggest difference between using the two of them is that an e-bike allows you to add some extra power with the push of the button on your handlebar. You won't have any trouble pedaling up the steep hills of your town.

Okay, and now for something that's probably new to first-time e-bike riders: the batteries. They can be easily removed from the e-bike, and you can charge them while they're inside or outside your trusty vehicle. Additionally, you'll enjoy the ability to lock and secure the battery. Also, you'll be able to track your battery power usage while you're riding your e-bike to work.

Reason #4: You'll get to save some money and help the environment

E-bikes are very cheap to operate since they demand a small amount of electricity for battery charge. If you're trying to save some money on transportation costs, buying yourself an e-bike and riding it to and from work seems like a reasonable solution. Also, not only will you save some money, but you'll also help save the environment in your own modest way: by not driving your car every single day. E-bikes are environmentally friendly: they're certainly better for our planet than your gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles. In most eco-friendly cities, e-bikes are seen and used as a sustainable form of transport.

Reason #5: Traverse greater distances without feeling exhausted

If your office is far away from your residence, that's nothing to worry about. With an e-bike, you'll be able to traverse greater distances without feeling exhausted. Not to mention that you'll also be able to reach higher speeds than with a regular bicycle, and you won't step into your office as if you've just stepped out of a sauna, all sweaty and tired. For instance, if you're a soon-to-be West LA resident, you'll be able to reach most places in the city simply by riding your trusty e-bike. Also, here's another tip: you should always settle down with expert help. In other words, hire professional movers to handle the task. 

Bonus round: Why are e-bikes so popular today?

As we've already mentioned at the beginning, e-bikes are reaching new popularity records as each day passes. Since we still have some space left in this article, we'll try to explain some of the reasons behind the popularity of electric bicycles (besides the ones we've counted above).

E-bikes are less stressful for your heart

Here's the thing: your heart will endure less stress when you're riding an e-bike rather than a regular bicycle. Numerous studies have proven this. Also, this is why many seniors can enjoy a fantastic workout without jeopardizing their health; it’s one of the reasons e-bikes are a game-changer.

(Foldable) E-bikes are quite easy to store

Many people are dealing with the lack of storage space inside their homes. If you're tight on space, your best bet is to opt for a foldable e-bike that can fit just about any place you choose to store it. Even a non-foldable e-bike is easier to store than a car (no more worries about parking).

E-bikes are way cooler than cars

In the past century, people cared too much about what kind of car you drove. Luckily, the times they're a-changin’ (as Bob Dylan put it). Nowadays, caring about the environment is cooler than driving a gasoline-powered car. Therefore, an e-bike seems like a better option.

E-bikes are very stylish

Lastly, let's talk about design. As technology advances along with the marketability of e-bikes, a top-quality manufacturer is able to produce a variety of designs consumers can choose from. Also, it's not just about design; we’re talking about many e-bike styles available on the market that come with many different functions. You can find the perfect electric vehicle for yourself, no doubt about it.

Final words on the subject

Okay, dear readers, this was all that we've prepared on the subject of reasons e-bikes are a game-changer. Hopefully, now you know all the essential info that will help you modify the way you see your daily commuting.  


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