Holiday Kit

    Our Holiday Kit Includes the associated accessories that match our E-Bikes.

    It includes the following:

    Front Storage Basket: For running errands around town or for trips to the grocery store, a Front-Mounted Basket is a handy addition. Featuring sturdy metal construction, this basket can hold up to 66 pounds of groceries for easy transport.

    Rear Rack: Securely carry groceries and other essential items on your trip.
    Be sure to select the correct model for your electric bike.

    Fender Set: Ride dry on wet days and add a touch of visual class to your ride.
    Comes with front and rear fenders with mounting hardware.

    Cap & Bag: You're going to need some new swag when you're riding! It includes our Cap to keep your head nice and dry on those rainy rides. Our bag so you can carry all your necessary tools.

    Special Tips

    As of April 22, Denver, Colorado, is offering tax incentives to residents who purchase electric bicycles. Residents who buy a regular e-bike qualify for a $400 rebate, and they can receive an additional $500 rebate on a cargo e-bike that hauls everything. Denver is one of the best cities in the country to offer rebates on electric bikes, although it is not the first. For residents of Denver, Colorado, buying an electric bike will be more affordable as of April 22. Click to know more.