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Ride an Ebike in Winter : Cold Weather Tips

We have some parts of the world with endless sunshine, smooth roads, and free e-Bikes for all. Then there are other places with freezing cold winters filled with rain, snow, and ice as far as the eye can see. Winter doesn't have to slow you down (too much) or cause you to fall off your electric bike. Here are some strategies, gear, and tips to keep you on the road with your ebike all year round, including winter!

  • If you're planning to ride in the winter often, you'll need winter tires.
  • Front drive hub motors perform better in the snow.
  • Winter conditions, sand, and salt can be tough on e-Bikes. Keep it well-maintained and consider a second "winter bike" if you plan to use it every day.
  • In the cold, batteries are the most vulnerable part of an e-bike. The bike's range and performance will be reduced as the temperature drops. Keep the battery warm.
  • Winter will have darker days and slippery conditions require extra care. Slow down, be careful on corners, be visible, and wear a helmet, of course!

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