E-Bike Storage During the Winter

Clean before storing

Your ebike, just like your car, requires maintenance and should be cleaned regularly. Aventon ebikes are IPX4 water resistant, meaning that water splashing from any direction will not harm them. This means that you can clean your bike with a bucket and sponge, but should avoid using pressurized water, such as a garden hose jet or pressure washer to wash the bike down, but a “rain-like” sprinkle from a garden hose would be fine.

You should clean all of the dirt off your ebike's frame and then wipe it down with a dry cloth. Make sure to check that the battery contacts are clean and dry so as to prevent corrosion. Afterwards, lube the chain to protect it and turn the pedal to rotate the chain to ensure that the lube circulates around the system.

How to Store your EBike

Electrical devices and components in e-bikes are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Ideally, your ebike should be stored in a cool, dry space, away from high humidity; think a garage or, depending on where you live, an outdoor shed. The ideal e-bike storage temperature is between 32º and 68º, between freezing and room temperature. Ebikes can be stored down to -22º, however the electronic elements of your ebike don’t like such temperatures for prolonged periods so we wouldn’t recommend pushing it that far.  

Storing your Ebike Battery

The best way to store e-bike accessories like batteries is by removing them from your ebike. Batteries are the beating heart of your ebike and, much like a human heart, they’re the most sensitive part of the whole. Over time all batteries lose capacity, that is to say, they lose the amount of charge they can hold. Taking proper care of your battery protects its charge capacity and, therefore, maximizes its longevity.

Batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place where they won’t freeze; a wood surface in the garage is recommended. However, if you live somewhere extremely cold i.e. below freezing, creeps in then bring your battery inside and tuck it away somewhere safe. Batteries are best stored close to room temperature, 50º-77º, and can handle extreme temperatures in either direction; but only for a short amount of time before the temperature begins to affect their chemistry and damage the battery.

There are a variety of different types of batteries. The battery used to power your Aventon ebike is a lithium ion battery. Lithium ion batteries should never be stored with their charge level completely depleted, as doing so means that they might be unrecoverable after storage. Your battery should be stored at a 75%-80% charge level. Check the charge level on a monthly basis and make sure that the percentage does not drop under 75%. This will help extend your battery's life.

Also, Aventon batteries should not be stored on their charger nor attached to your ebike. So, when you’re putting your battery down for winter storage make sure that it is charged within the range of 75%-80%, that it is off the charger, and that it is somewhere cool -but not cold- and dry.

After Winter Storage

It is important after storing your ebike that you get it ready for the new biking season. The best and most convenient way to do this is to take it to your local bike shop for a tune up. Here they’ll check to make sure that your brake and gear lines are taut and all working as they should be. They check brake pads, chain lube, gear shifting, and other items so that you have a safe and perfectly functioning bike when you get back into the saddle.

After your tune up, take your bike out for a short test ride to make sure everything is functioning properly. Check the brakes, the gears and ensure that everything is how you like it. If you find anything wrong just head back to the bike shop where they’ll be happy to put things right for you.

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