How to Choose the Right Grip and Strap? HOVSCO

How to Choose the Right Grip and Strap?

Three parts of your body touch your bike: the pedals, the seat, and the handlebars. The last of these points is arguably the most noticeable since it's right in front of you, and you're constantly putting pressure on your hands (and handlebar grips) throughout the ride.

  • One affordable way to improve comfort and control on a flat bar mountain bike or cruiser is to swap out the grips. Even when you're riding for just an hour, upgrading your grips can make a big difference, says Amy Uhlenhopp, a master bike technician at the REI store in Bend, Oregon. Many people grab their bars almost too much, especially if they're new to cycling or getting back into it, so getting something softer can make a big difference." Good, comfortable grips can help dampen some of the vibrations from the trail.
  • If you have a road bike with a drop bar, then you may want to upgrade the tape around the bar. Like good grips on a flat bar, bar tape reduces vibration and fatigue so you can ride comfortably for longer distances. You can get good bar tape for under $50, but applying it can be tricky, so have your bike technician do it.

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