World Bike Day - Everything You Need To Know HOVSCO

World Bike Day - Everything You Need To Know


World Bicycle Day is the 3rd of June (Day: Friday for 2022). And guess who is the most excited for World Bike Day- Hoscov obviously and our reader and ebike riders. This year on World Bike Day, Hoscov has decided to celebrate to promote health, fitness, and a way to ride sustainably. Every year Hoscov plans out something new and healthy to do. Well, this year too was quite exciting.

Now I know why you have landed in this post, so let's begin with that, shall we? This little article will let you know everything about World Bike Day. Keep reading to learn some facts on World Bike Day.

A little bit on Why World Bike Day is Celebrated:

You sure know about WHO. It is World Health Organization, the most significant health organization for international public health. So, WHO tells us that other than walking and running, riding and cycling is also great way to calculate calorie counts and stay safe.

Active transport should be healthy and inexpensive so that everyone who decides to ride can easily afford it. The most sustainable way to ride is by eBikes. World Bike Day aims to highlight people's benefits from riding a bike and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. eBikes by Hoscov are easy to ride, inexpensive, affordable, and great for sustainable living. Are you still eager to learn about the 3rd of June?

World Bike Day shares the versatility of eBike, uniqueness, sustainability, and epic transportation means. Riding is not only great for physical health but also mental health. And not to mention it's pretty economical and environment friendly. To be active and maintain a good lifestyle, you can try to get hold of an ebike from Hoscov and get started.

World Bike Day is also celebrated to promote health issues and diseases like obesity, lung and heart issues, cancer, arthritis, blood sugar, and even mental illness. It's that great of a deal!

History World Bike Day:

Bicycle inclusion in global, regional, regional, and semi-development policies and programs is encouraged, as is a focus on different development strategies.

- It pushes the Member States to improve road safety and include it in the planning and constructing of sustainable transportation systems. Additionally, to safeguard and promote bicycle mobility and pedestrian safety for improved health outcomes.

The day's goal is to inspire the Member States to adopt best practices and strategies for promoting bicycle use among all societal members and to plan bicycle rides at the national and state levels to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Health advantages of cycling

Cycling is an aerobic exercise that works the lungs, heart, and blood vessels. Cycling will cause a rise in body temperature, which will improve general fitness.

  • It improves flexibility and muscular strength.
  • Stress levels are reduced.
  • Improves cardiovascular health.
  • It makes joints more mobile.
  • It enhances balance and posture.
  • It made bones stronger.
  • It aids in lowering body fat percentages.
  • It aids in the control or prevention of illnesses.
  • It aids in reducing sadness and anxiety.
  • Weight management and obesity.

World Bicycle Day Future Dates

  1. For 2022 the 3rd of June- Friday
  2. For 2023 the 3rd of June- Saturday
  3. For 2024 the 3rd of June- Monday
  4. For 2025 the 3rd of June- Tuesday
  5. For 2026 3rd June-Wednesday

What can be done to increase interest in cycling?

No universal solution exists because the best strategy to increase cycling enthusiasm depends on the nation and its population. Nevertheless, establishing easy and secure bike lanes and trails, highlighting cycling's advantages for fitness and health, and raising awareness of bicycle accidents are some approaches to encourage more people to take up the sport.

Making cycling safe is among the most crucial strategies to promote cycling. This includes providing bike lanes and routes that are both suitable and safe for riders. A barrier or a fence should be used to separate bike lanes from traffic, and they should be broad enough for 2 or 3 cyclists to go side by side. Adding lighting and signage alerting riders to crossings or hazardous locations may help make bike routes safer.

Whenever it comes to piquing interest in cycling, publicity is equally crucial. Newspapers, blogs, and even social media sites may publish articles on riding. This attention may contribute to raising cyclists' knowledge of the sport's advantages and making it easier for new cyclists to get started.

Finally, it's vital to keep in mind that accidents do occur. Reminding that cycling is indeed an active mode of transportation is crucial.

What are a few cycling-related problems?

Cycling is a terrific way to burn down calories and cut transportation costs. However, if done poorly, it may also be harmful. Cycling has several problems that need to be solved:

1) Cycling on the wrong side of the road is by far the most frequent issue bikers have. This is because riding on the opposite side of the street prevents drivers from seeing you. If a car hits you. As a result, it might result in a catastrophic accident.

2) Riding in the wrong lane: Cycling on the wrong road is a risky habit. You risk getting struck by a car traveling the opposite way. Additionally, it's against the law, so always stay in your allotted lane.

3) Not wearing helmets: Wearing a helmet is one of the most crucial safety measures that can be taken when cycling. In an accident, wearing helmets can reduce the severity of head injuries. Don't cycle if you don't have one; the danger isn't worth it.

Cycling is a terrific exercise and a cost-effective mode of transportation, but it's vital to take caution and follow all traffic regulations.

2022 World Bicycle Day: Concluding Lines

What other way to commemorate World Bicycle Day than getting on your bike and riding around? There are a plethora of ways to get involved, whether you're new to cycling or have been riding for a while. Here are a few examples:

  • Organize a bike fiesta in your community.
  • Ride to the flea market with buddies.
  • Ride your bike on a weekend road trip.
  • Explore the trails at a local outdoor recreation area.

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